• Yes, China should take their pollution more seriously and so should the rest of the world.

    China should take their pollution seriously simply because their men, women and children must now go out into an element of smog so horrible they are forced to wear masks. They are in news headlines calling it the "airpocalypse" ! According to the media, it can also be seen from space. In short, if it's that bad in China soon it will be everyone's problem. The entire world needs air to breathe and polluted air only gets worse when the elements that cause it are not stopped. It would be important to the world if this serious problem was addressed immediately.

  • China should take pollution more seriously.

    If China wants to continue to grow and become an even bigger super power, and I believe they do, then they definitely need to take pollution more seriously. With the way things stand now in China, the pollution in the urban areas could definitely thwart any plans that China has for their future.

  • Yes they should

    I think that China as it stands right now has the dubious distinction of being one of the worst offenders in terms of polluting our Earth. They need to stand up and accept the blame for what they have done, and begin to take steps to undo their mistakes they've made.

  • Pollution is serious EVERYWHERE.

    Too much pollution is a bad thing no matter what the place. China should definitely pay more attention to their pollution, even at the cost of their efficiency that they show. Major factories are going to slowly kill the planet if we continue to rely on them for our "needs" and China should ease up on their production. The planet needs us now, and we have to help her survive. China, do the right thing!

  • No, they should focus elsewhere.

    I think that China needs to focus first and foremost on caring for its citizens, and to do such a thing means that they would best be served by focusing on their economy and the standard of living. Once this is taken care of the pollution issue can be tackled.

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Shubhu says2013-06-14T04:38:30.747
Countries like China and India having big population rates should also take serious steps to overcome the problem of pollution.These are the two countries where the pollution as well as the population is increasing day by day and so one of the major disease like Asthma and other problems are creating so it can be danger for the whole community.