Should Chinese buyers be able to buy properties in the USA if they are not citizens?

  • Yes, as long as they are bringing business to the US economy.

    I believe that by allowing Chinese buyers to buy properties in the USA, the economy will benefit. The seller will benefit from the sale, the buyer will hopefully establish a business of some sort that will benefit American workers, and in turn will benefit the local economy by providing jobs and services to the community.

  • Yes, why shouldn't they?

    The American economy is built on freedom to enter and exit a market as the buyer sees fit. Why should we limit who can buy and sell property in the US according to nationality or citizenship? I don't see any difference here. One land owner is another land owner. Both want to maximize returns on what they spend, regardless of their citizenship or nationality.

  • Why discriminate them?

    America is the nation of freedom and one of the main columns of our national identity is our open policy about foreign investments, and I think that if Chinese citizens are up for investing in our real estate projects, we should do everything in order to incentive these kind of investment.

  • Yes, some people like to have vacation homes.

    Yes, Chinese buyers should be able to buy properties in the USA even if they are not citizens. People from around the world like to and are able to own properties in multiple countries for vacation purposes, even though they do not possess citizenship in each country. If a Chinese citizen would like to buy a piece of property in the USA, and they are able to afford it, they should be allowed to do so.

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