Should Chinese spies caught taking pictures be punished?

  • Why would you NOT punish a spy?

    Isn't it a common practice that if a spy caught on another country's territory, they are arrested, and there are consequences? Are there any cases of spies being caught, smiled at, and sent home? I don't think so. Well then, why would Chinese spies be treated any differently? If they are caught spying, they should face consequences.

  • Yes, Chinese spies caught taking pictures should be punished.

    Spying in any form is wrong and a crime. If they were in the wrong place and taking pictures of something they should not being taking pictures of then they should be punished. There is a fear and a possibility that the pictures could be made public and shared and thus the top secret details would be revealed.

  • If they are spies actually spies

    Yes, if Chinese spies are actually spies, then yes, I believe that Chinese spies caught spying or taking pictures should be punished. In reality anyone that is caught spying should be punished to the highest degree of the law. If Americans were caught spying no one would hesitate in punishing us as much as they could.

  • Against our laws

    Yes, if a Chinese spy is caught taking pictures of someone or something that is in our country, and could compromise our country, then they should be punished as long is their a law that makes it illegal to commit some act like a spy would have to commit here.

  • If They're Spies

    I would assume that if we know someone is a spy then they should probably be arrested and imprisoned regardless of rather or not they are taking pictures. The problem is with the first point, not the pictures. Its hard to prove that someone is a spy so you can't go around accusing every Chinese person with a camera.

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