• They should be abolished

    Chinese sweatshops should be abolished. Workers manufacture goods for first-world consumers in deplorable conditions, being forced to suffer diseases, rape abuse, sleep deprivation, safety hazards, and more. They earn WAY below minimum wage, but are given no alternative. It is our human responsibility to be compassionate and altruistic. It is inhumane.

  • Sweatshops Should Be Abolished

    Yes, Chinese sweatshops should be abolished. Sweatshops are human rights violations as they do not maintain any level of sanity that a human being should be subjected to. In addition, the long hours a person is forced to put in at a sweatshop in order to maintain work is absolutely terrible.

  • Sweatshops Are Dangerous

    Sweatshops are dangerous. The whole mindset behind a sweatshop is cheap labor and dangerously low safety guarantees in order to make a product as cheaply as possible. This method is used to make the rich, richer and keep the poor in their place. Everyone deserves a safe place to work and decent wages.

  • They want these jobs.

    I agree, based on our first world standards, the conditions in which they live are terrible but they wouldn't do it if they didn't want to. Those sweatshop owners are giving them an opportunity to escape complete complete poverty for something a bit better and banning them would leave these workers with even less. There is a lot of competition to get these jobs due to the lack of jobs so we should be encouraging corporations to branch out. With more sweatshops, their countries gross domestic product will increase and help lift these countries to greater wealth naturally without government restrictions.

  • Chinese Sweatshops should not be abolished

    My mum was a manager (foreman if you like) and she knows what occurs in those sweatshops. This means that the under minimum wages that workers receive don't necessarily account for other extras, such as free accommodation and meals, and managers/foremans don't necessarily treat workers horrible like all documentaries show. ANTI-sweatshop campaigners use these values without the extras to convince you that the workers are underpaid.

    I would also like to point out that people ALWAYS choose the best option they have, my mum tells me that no one in the factory was forced to work and even if they are, it cannot be taken account here because this is the communism system, not a democratic system. Studies show that workers actually earn much more in these sweatshops that domestic labour such as farming, babysitting, etc and if you want to mention about the low-pay, please try to argue for those jobs instead.

    Also, human rights didn't exist thousands of years ago and yet, humans were able to survive? It is not necessary to talk about violation of human rights especially when humans are in the survival mode. Human rights don't apply when surviving is key.

  • It is simply the best option.

    Yes, sweatshops pay minuscule amounts. Yes, sweatshops have deplorable working conditions. However, the deciding factor for whether we should abolish them entirely rests on this question: would it help anyone to abolish it?
    The answer is no. This is simply beacause there is no better option for these workers. These workers often choose sweatshops over other jobs beacause sweatshops pay much more than, say, being a caregiver. The amounts of money paid may seem little, but it is the best option for these people, and stripping them of this would be akin to firing construction workers simply because their job is dangerous.

    My point is supported by then fact that many sweatshop workers in China choose, at their own decision, to work at sweatshops. In fact, sweatshop jobs are often very coveted and sought after (that's why owners can afford to pay less). This shows that sweatshops are vital to the people of poorer countries, and hence, abolishing them would only serve to worsen their struggle out of poverty .

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