• What type of question is this

    Whaaat the heck
    people should have the choice of what they want to drink
    choclate milk is healthy but also un-healty is you and your parents choice of what you can drink not the school
    what type of question the answer is obvious

    obvousily every one has to say yes please

  • Chocolate Milk is Unhealthy

    While I was in high school, We had a choice between non-fat, 2%, Chocolate milk. The majority of students chose to drink chocolate milk understandably, Because it's sweet. If you look on the back of the chocolate milk containers, You'd see it's full of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. When there are many other healthy alternatives like real fruit juices, Regular milk, And water, We should not be serving something so unhealthy that kids drink every day that contributes to obesity.

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