• Chocolate milk is not that bad.

    Milk helps kid grow, and a lot will not drink normal milk, so chocolate milk is their source of milk. Also, humans need sugar to survive, sugar only becomes bad if there's to much of it. Also, kids eat lots of candy, which is worse than milk (and have little, if none, health benefits.)

  • It should be allowed.

    Chocolate milk should be served to those who are not fat or obese. But if you are scrawny, you should be able to drink 1% chocolate milk like I do. You should be able to have the freedom to choose the kind of milk you want to drink in school. Though I would say that bottled water should be put in.

  • Your right . . .

    Water is better but depending on the type of chocolate milk SOOO BOI and also if the only calcium you consumed it would actually be good and it can also be a meal replacement shake.
    So you can have chocolate milk and still be a pretty healthy person according to your BMI.

  • Yes for chocolate milk!

    My school serves chocolate milk, and none of my fellow classmates were affected, and i drink it myself, and i don't feel any different than before i drank it. I agree too much of it will make you sick, but it's not likely that they will drink lots of it.

  • It tastes good

    Ok so basically I am schoolkid and tbh like chocolate milk is the best thing cause there is white milk and then there is water so I say yes to chocolate milk in school cafeterias. (and pretty much every place ever) [9 words needed. So here are a couple more words]

  • Yes, But there are other problems

    There is nothing wrong with the idea of chocolate milk, Especially when it can easily wash away the taste of rubbery cafeteria mac-and-cheese. It is disheartening, However, That they shove milk in our faces and keep the water bottles in some cooler off to the side with the juices. In my opinion, That is the issue, Not chocolate milk.

  • I love chocolate milk!!

    I know it mite be all l like it so we keep it kinda thing but i do love chocolate milk and it mite not be the healthiest thing you can eat but kids love to eat and if kids like it they should have it or i should say you only get to eat once at school and if you have a sandwich and some grape or an apple you want a drink and sometimes water wont cut it. Besides if it has real milk than you should have kids eat it sometimes but not every meal.

  • Yes, Chocolate Milk Should Be Served.

    I'm not saying that chocolate milk is a healthy option, or a great alternative to milk since it has higher sugar, however I do think that it should at least be allowed. I believe that it should be a student's choice if he/she wants chocolate or regular milk. I myself would suggest to them that regular milk is the healthier option and that I personally would recommend that to them, but if they want chocolate milk who am I to stop them. I am someone who believes that giving kids controlled freedom is better for them in the long run. I don't think telling high school students they can't have chocolate milk because you don't trust them to make the correct decision for themselves, is not helping their development or preparing them for the real world.

  • Chocolate shake is not a good option

    To insist a child that he should drink milk in the way of chocolate shake if he does not like plain milk, is not a good option. We have many other options like mango shake, bananashake, strawberry shake, almond and pista shake. They are much healthier. So go for it.

  • Kids should bring their own lunch.

    Children should bring their own lunch based on their I individual preferences. This takes the iotis off of schools to cater to a wide variety of diets, ensuring that individuals who belong to dietary minorities aren't discriminated against. This also lowers the operating budgets of schools, allowing that money be put to actual education.

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