• Are U For Or Against Child Labor.

    Child Labor is bad. Any kind of slavery is bad. Slavery ruins peoples lives. You cannot force someone to do something for you. It is not human. If you force someone to do something for you until they die, or if you're forcing children to work for you, you are not human. When someone says that slavery is good, that it should keep going, then I want to walk up to them and say "What if you were a slave?" "What if you were forced to work day and night, starve, and get underpaid?" Those are my thoughts on child labor, or slavery.

  • Slavery is wrong .

    Slavery is wrong PERIOD ! Human beings should not be "owned" they are not objects ! They are bodies and souls with thought and emotion and are born free!
    When we were kids all we cared about is babries , coloring books and tv ! Is it really fair that we got all those privileges while they have to work and exhaust themselves because some people in the world are so selfish it would be unfair to call them cold like ice because ice has never been that cold . Damn those stupid , heartless Ivorian farmers they should try being a slave for a day see how they like it !

  • Yes, it is a travesty.

    Yes, chocolate slavery should be stopped, because chocolate slavery is abuse and it is tragic. That children are used to produce a luxury good is terrible. Children should be protected. There should be rules that protect against people selling chocolate that is made with child labor. The United Nations and other groups should get involved and protect these children.

  • Stop all slavery

    There may have been good slaves, but nothing good comes from enslaving anyone or anything. Slavery of any people, economy, or idea is an unacceptable and despicable. Only practiced by the powerful in any culture. It is the taking of energy and freedom by threat, without consent. Stop it now.

  • It's nessasary for our culture

    The reason we need it is because without it our uneducated culture will be confused and demand for the return of chocolate . However I'm not saying it should be as harsh as it is now as it is cruel but if the conditions and pay we're better it would be a perfect job for the poor children as it gives them a chance to work and get money for it.

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