• It's not practical.

    Using a taser will be much more effective than a choke hold and no where near as lethal. Even if the person is resisting arrest, A taser should still be used, The person will most likely give up instantly when hit with a taser. A choke hold will only make them struggle more.


    It's a matter of time before we have ANOTHER viral tragedy similar to George Floyd's! It just doesn't seem right. This is AMERICA! "With LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALL"! We have an 8th Amendment that states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, Nor excessive fines imposed, Nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. ” Police officers keep us safe, But like everybody, They are not above the law!

  • The only other option most times is either blows to the head

    Chokeholds, First of all, Are not cruel and unusual. Chokeholds are a humane way to subdue an enemy and are widely used in martial arts and other circles of fighting. A chokehold, While uncomfortable, Allows law enforcement to subdue the criminal in the most humane way possible. Also, Banning chokeholds is rather subjective, As there is a whole debate about what qualifies as a chokehold. The banning of chokeholds bans a whole set of maneuvers, Which generally allows the law enforcement officer control of a criminal's body. Without a chokehold being allowed, Officers will be forced to beat a strong criminal with a baton, Or other items when tasers are unavailable. The banning of chokeholds is a dangerous idea for both officers and arrestees.

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