Should Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together?

  • It's their choice! Stay out of it.

    If Rihanna is forgiving Chris Brown then she is showing many people a true lesson of forgiveness. You don't know her story...I really hate when people say "no because he abused her." Sure he did, but forgiving people is the key to life. How can you be happy without forgiveness?

    Posted by: Gabe
  • Yes, Chris and Rihanna should get back together.

    I think it has been proven that men and women that abuse others can be rehabilitated. If she knows that he has received professional help then it is her business. Anybody that wants to change can change. I think violence is driven by an underlying problem of some sort, such as alcohol. While this is not an excuse, I believe if there is an issue that can be addressed then a complete rehabilitation is possible.

  • I don't support

    Chris Brown might beat up Rihanna again and she is setting a bad example to all women who suffer of domestic abuse because she is saying it's OK to go back with the person that hurt you. But I mean everyone has different opinions about all this going on .

  • No. Honestly, its not a good idea.

    He hurt her. Thats the bottom line. If it were me, I would never trust him again. He is more than able to hurt her once more. However, I don't find this even the littlest bit interesting. She is making an idiotic decision by taking him back. Thats all there is to it.

  • No, They Should Not Get Back Together

    Chris Brown and Rihanna do not need to get back together. When they were together before he was beating her so I do not know why Rihanna would go back to him. Not to mention it is a bad move for both of their careers. People will just be constantly reminded of the incident that happened before

  • No but who cares

    With their history it's a pretty obvious, neon blinking light outlined red flag that it's a really bad idea, but I don't get why anybody cares about things like this. Celebrities get enough attention as it is, if they want to make idiotic relationship decisions then good for them, it shouldn't be even remotely interesting to anybody.

  • No getting back together

    No, I personally do not think that Chris Brown and Rihanna should get back together after what happened in their past. I think that domestic violence should not be tolerated by females, and giving him another chance at their relationship is a bad idea in all respects. They should stay their own separate ways.

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