• He is still human!

    When are you people going to realize that he is a human being. He has feelings, he's young. He apologized for his mistake multiple times. The victim, Rihanna has even forgave him, so why can't you? For anyone to say that he doesn't deserve to be forgiven is just hateful, and also delusional. He didn't put his hands on you, why is it still so important still? It happened over five years ago. It surprises me that the media only realizes his abusive crime. What about Emma Roberts? She abused her boyfriend in 2013. No one talks about that! Also, when is someone going to mention how Marilyn Monroe was beaten with a bat by her abusive mate? Oh! That's right, because both of those situations didn't involve an African-American. If you think race doesn't play a factor in how the media portrays these events, then you are wrong. To all of America, get over yourselves and stop talking about an event that happened over five years ago, that had nothing to do with you! Instead of focusing on the negative events Chris Brown, or anyone, had done. Why don't you talk about hall of the Charity events Chris attends? Oh, I forgot, in America's media we only want to bring out the bad in people. Chris Brown is a talented young entertainer that doesn't want to be remembered because he "beat up Rihanna." I feel sorry because he has to deal with being in thus public every second of his life, with past events being thrown in his face 24/7. Way to go guys, ruining a 24- year olds life. Grow up for a change!

  • Chris Brown should not be forgiven

    No, I do not think that Chris Brown should be forgiven since he has not realized just how harsh his crimes really are. There is never a reason to abuse a woman, and since he keeps on committing crimes without apologizing, I think Chris Brown believes he is above the law when he is not.

  • Neck tattoo shows how sorry he is

    The tattoo of a beat up woman on Chris Brown's neck shows exactly how sorry he is (in more ways than one). I agree everyone makes mistakes and people should be given a second chance, however Chris Brown has shown no real remorse for any of his actions and people should just let him and his career fade away to nothing.

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