• Yes, he should, first time was illegitimate.

    No one can say with a straight face that Chris Brown's probation was legitimate in any way, shape, or form. If someone has their own family member sign off on the hours worked, it is hardly going to be an objective analysis. As such, he should have to redo his probation.

  • Yes, Chris Brown should have to re-do his probation because he violated it's terms.

    Chris Brown needs to re-do probation because this would instill the idea that celebrities and the wealthy receive the same terms and conditions in America as the lower classes. I, personally, lose faith in our system when I see high powered individuals not receiving the same treatment as the standard citizen.

  • He Should Re-Do It

    Yes, Chris Brown should have to re-do his probation. It is my understanding that he technically violated, and if that is the case then he should be back on probation. I don't care if he is a celebrity or not, if you violate you should be charged and have to start over.

  • No, Chris Brown should not have to re-do community service.

    If it is found that Brown violated the terms of his probation by not completing his community service then he should have to serve time in jail. Violating probation is a crime itself and along with the initial sentence there should be punishment for it. It is clear, if it is proven, that he did not take probation seriously then something more is required.

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