• Why Did He Start?

    Not only should he quit music, but Chris Brown shouldn't have began trying to make music in the first place.

    His music is terrible. In fact, anyone who sounds even remotely close to what he sounds like should stay away from music on a permanent basis. Don't quite your day job and find something else to do.

  • Yes he should quit

    Yes, Chris Brown should quit music since he is a bad role model and has no real talent. Chris Brown cannot seem to stay out of his way, and keeps creating a bad public image for himself. I think it is best for him to quit music and to concentrate on re-building his image.

  • Yes, Chris Brown who is guilty of violent crime should quit music

    Chris Brown is a scumbag who should quit music. Chris Brown is a very poor example and not someone young girls should fantasize about. He is guilty or brutally beating his girlfriend Rihanna and acting violent and crazed on numerous occasions. Chris Brown and other celebrities like him who have committed violent acts against others should be in prison not enjoying the spotlight and adoration of fans.

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