• Really no way to justify it

    There is simply no way that any sane person who would claim to have the interests of the U.S. in their mind could endorse Mr. Trump. He is a toxic, arrogant and negative megalomaniac who can do no good, only harm. That Christie would endorse him only signals that Christie is desperate to stay in the national conversation and spotlight and should thus aquit himself of New Jersey.

  • Chris Christie should not resign after endorsing Trump.

    Chris Christie should not resign after endorsing Donald Trump because who he supports is not a reason for him to quit as Governor. He may have made a bad choice and regret his statements, but they do not impact how he does his job, and he should only resign if he is unable to fulfill his duties as Governor.

  • As Long As He Does His Job, All Will Be Well

    Although many find him to be arrogant, I don't think this constitutes the necessity for him to resign. Instead of answering questions in a bad manner, he should try to be more respectful of others. If he chose to do this, the heat he has been facing will be reduced and can go on completing his job as governor in an honorable way.

  • No he shouldnt resign

    Why should Governor of a state resign by endorsing Trump to the presidential candidate from Republican Party. Until the Super Tuesday, Trump received more than three hundred republican Caucus votes. He already has a very good support and he is the front runner. It is not correct to say that Chris Christies should resign after Trump endorsement.

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