Should Chris Hansen have been fired from NBC after 20 years for an extramarital affair?

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  • Nobody ‘s business!

    I feel that NBC was out of line for firing Chris. His affair is a matter between husband and wife.
    As long as he did it after hours, I believe it a personal issue. I don’t know the details, and it’s none of my business, so stay out of his marriage and out of his bedroom.

  • Should Chris Hansen have been fired for an extramarital affair?

    Absolutely not!!!!! What if your employer fired you because you cheated on your spouse? I don't think he made good choices, but, outside of his wife and family, what affect does him sleeping with another woman have on NBC, me, or anyone else. It is none of our business. It just puts NBC in a bad light in my opinion. Do they really think that ratings will be affected because Chris Hansen had an affair or that they will win brownie points with viewers? I myself have no respect for an employer who would fire a 20 year employee because he had an affair.

  • It's his personal life.

    Your personal life should not affect your business life at all. If he were to get fired, he would sue NBC for a lot of money and would lose people that love Anderson. Unless it affects your work, you should not be fired for anything other than your job performance.

  • No, Chris Hansen should not have been fired for actions in his personal life.

    In no way should Chris Hansen have been fired for an extramarital affair. The issue of Hansen's affair is between him and his wife and should not have cost him his job. If everybody in entertainment was fired for having an affair nobody would have a job. I also don't think viewers cared about it as much as NBC thought. His show to catch a predator dealt with men who prey on children, not men who cheat on their wives, so there was not even any hypocrisy involved.

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