Should Christian Baker's, Florists, and Photographer's be sued for refusing to do business for a homosexual wedding?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Why is a homosexual wedding any different from a straight wedding?!!?

    Homosexuality is normal, or at least it should be. If someone who people have heard of say no to a homo wedding than she/he is just giving a bad example. And also a wedding day is one of the most special days of you're entire life! What if your parents are against homosexuality the you are already having a really hard time, and then to make matters worse someone won't come because you're gay, imagine how hard that would be. You would get the feeling you're doing something wrong, when you aren't. People can't do anything about if they're gay are lesbian or straight. And i think that she/he should apologise. And i think they should be sued, because its not illegal to be gay or lesbian, i mean, imagine if you weren't straight and someone wouldn't provide the stuff for you're wedding just because you're different!!!!! Its the same as racism, you're not doing something because somebody is different, BUT WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue Them All

    Should racist business-owners be sued for refusing to do business with black people? Would you tell the black people to shop elsewhere? After all, "There is HARDLY a scarcity of non-racist bakers, florists. There are other vendors available." No, that's bulls***. You have no right to refuse someone business for the color of their skin. IN THE SAME WAY, you have no reason to refuse someone business because of their sexual orientation. Human rights are more important than religious beliefs.

  • So long as they are offering their business to the general public, YES.

    Allowing a business owner, who caters to the general public, to choose who they can discriminate against based upon religious beliefs will allow owners to deny service to not only gays, but women, blacks, or even (gasp!) Christians, so long as it is based on religious convictions. This is obviously wrong and shouldn't be allowed. If you want to be a bigot or misogynist, or a religious zealot that only caters to people of their own faith, then you are in the wrong business. Start a religion today! It is the last acceptable bastion of open discrimination, and... IT'S TAX FREE!

  • More than definitely.

    This is blatant discrimination. As a business owner in the United States of America, you do not get to discriminate. You don't get to pick and choose the people you serve. If you have a problem with gay marriage, a political issue, you don't get to employ those beliefs within your business. That's why we have a government, so leave it to them. If you have an issue with providing services to everyone who walks through your doors, then don't have a business at all or pack up and get out.

    Posted by: pln
  • It's discrimination plain and simple.

    If a business provides a service to the public, then they have to serve everyone including gays since gay people are part of the public too. The shop owners are not being asked to walk the couple down the aisle or read them their vows, all they're doing is baking a cake, selling flowers, or taking a picture, which is exactly what they would be doing for straight people. Also, if they're actually refusing services based on religion then they should probably refuse service to couples who have children out of wedlock, couples who are on their second or third marriages, or to couples who are not virgins since those actions and choices are against biblical teachings as well. The fact that they only refuse services to gays shows that their actions are based on homophobia and not religion.

  • Yes, the should be sued.

    Despite your religious views, your views of separation of church and state, philosophy, etc. there is hard evidence to suggest they should face penalties. What they are doing is discrimination. ALL people, straight, gay, or somewhere in between, are protected under the 14th amendment. It is not a matter of forcing morals or views on another, but stating this is unconstitutional.

  • It's discrimination regardless of opinion.

    It's illegal for them to deny service to couples of color or couples of different religious beliefs, so why should it be legal for them to deny a couple service because they're a gay/lesbian couple? It's not like they have to attend the wedding or watch them consummate the marriage, they're just making a damn cake. I don't understand why they would want to loose business money by denying homosexual couples wedding cakes. If they're using religious reasons to back up their discrimination, does this also mean they'll deny couples who are marrying out of unplanned pregnancy or deny divorced people who are remarrying a cake? I think not, the have no problem with this. Typical cherry-picking of the Bible. Marriage is one of the happiest moments of two people's lives, do we need to spoil their happiness with personal beliefs against their love? Especially because they will probably already face discrimination or will face disliking by their families. Two consenting adults, no problem whatsoever. Denying them is discrimination, and there are laws saying people can sue for discrimination, so they should be sued if they choose to discriminate.

  • Yes They Should

    American service providers do have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. A Christian should not have to participate in something that is against their moral values. The LGBT community blows this way out of proportion. It would not be hard for a homosexual couple to go to a bakery that has no problem with selling them a wedding cake.

  • Freedom of religion is not this

    Freedom of religion is the biggest issue of this argument. A Christian's freedom of religion is not the freedom to discriminate and infringe upon the rights and equality of others. Is there a verse in the Bible teaching that being gay is a sin? Yes. Is there a verse in the Bible teaching that you should refuse services to a gay couple? No. If you are choosing not to marry someone of the same sex, you are practicing freedom of religion. If you choose to discriminate against someone because of their orientation, you are practicing inequality and oppression. America is a country where people are created equal before the law, and this infringes upon the freedom of gay couples.

  • Its a free country

    As a christian living in america myself, i disagree with this, not because i am a christian, even though that has some to do with it because i belive that homsexuality is wrong, but they live in america where you have the freedom to be christian, refuse service, and not offer it to them if the shall please

  • Their Business. Their Decision.

    Why should they be sued? It is their business with their own set of policies, morals, values, etc. Why should they conform just because others don`t agree? It is called a Christian business for a reason. They have the right to decline a client or a business offer. That is their right. The couples who are declined have the freedom to venture else where . It is not like that Christian business or businesses are the only ones in that area or world period. What ever happened to tolerance and respect? Respect a Christian`s beliefs please, and thank you. :)

  • Us christians shouldnt have to reform our ways just because the government tells us.

    Quite frankly, the media and gvt has been pushing for equality in gay marriage and trandgenders. We will not sit here and be told we will get sued or fired for not accepting them or serving them. I have gay friends but the issue here is they are pushing it onto us when we have to give up some of our rights to make them happy. Which is unfair seeing how they can promote and have special events for their sexual preferances but we cannot say we disagree or its offensive and could cause them to kill themselves? Well then kill yourelf cause I am not promoting that shit. Yet us Christians have to make sure we dont say anything about god or have a blessed day, yes people have gotten fired for that. We will not let them tell us we have to be nice to them and respect thier ways when they are always bashing on ours. RANT OVER.

  • No, that's ridiculous.

    It's their business, they can do what they want. It's a free country, they should be perfectly free to express their own beliefs. If they want to refuse someone service because they're gay, that's their decision. I don't think homosexual orientation is a good reason to refuse someone, but it's their right to do so if they choose.

  • Freedom of Religion

    If a religious based business does not want to support a gay wedding, it should be his right not to. We should have the right not to cater to something we do not support.

    I can already tell someone in the comments is going to accuse me of being like the people who didn't want black and white people to use the same facilities during the days of segregation. But it's not like that at all; African American is not a lifestyle, homosexuality is.

  • God's Law Trumps man's Law.

    Let's get some facts straight as a True Christian and any True Christian have no problem don't hate homosexual's and doing business with homosexual's as long as we're not forced to put our stamp of approval of their homosexual activity because that's going against God since God states in the Bible that homosexual activity is a sin. If we in anyway ok their homosexual activity we're sinning against God too. Sin leads to an eternity in hell if none of us repent and put our Faith into Christ. These judges should side with Christian's who refuse to participate in their homosexual activity and the judges should turn the Bible if they haven't already that Christians are right that's going against God. The judges who side with the homosexual's in this case would be sinning against God too. A true Christian won't refuse to serve a homosexual couple who wants to come in the restaurant and order food won't refuse to serve them because that's not putting your stamp of approval in their homosexual activity in that case. God wants us to love the sinner but hate the sin. Yes we are supposed to love our neighbor like Jesus commanded but we're not supposed to ok somebody's sin.

  • Would you make a Muslim baker, florist etc. conform?

    No. Why? Because that would be an infringement of their religious liberty. If the store is part of a chain that is not founded upon a certain religious back bone, then that is a different story. But if it is an individuals business or family location, no. You have the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.
    You want people to be tolerant? Then be tolerant of other people.
    You want people to respect your rights? Then respect theirs.

    You wouldn't make a Muslim cook you pork for your wedding. So even if they are a caterer, they don't provide that. A Christian saying they don't provide wedding cakes for homosexual weddings is the same premise.

  • It's THEIR business, (literally)

    I have been supporting gay marriage legalization ever since I'd known about the issue. I do feel like gay marriage should be legalized and accepted. However, the idea that bakers/florists that are against the idea because of their religion should be forced to provide services is outrageous. If someone owns a business, they should be able to decide what their business is about, and those decisions are theirs alone.

  • Not Illigal to an $#%

    As long as the business isn't monopolized, I have less of a problem with people refusing to cater to gays then I do gays simply finding another business down the road. A business refusing to accept my money seems completely insulting, but there is nothing illegal about insulting people. If old man Jenkins down the block ordered people off his property because he learned their gay its his property, and his rules and those people should not expect service. If old man Jenkins is a wonderful Photographer as well, he is not bound to potential customers unless under contract. He can always tell people to hit the road, no matter the reason. As much as I disagree with him, Its his business, and his property. He is free to do with it what he chooses.

  • No they shouldn't

    Vendors have a right to refuse cooperation because they do not agree with the purpose of what these people are buying these goods for, it is like if some guy who fits all requirements to own a gun, a license, background check, eye exam etc, goes into a gun store, puts a gun on the counter, and says "I'm going to use this gun to shoot up a school," so the vendor says "no, I cant sell you this gun, I don't agree with shooting up schools," so he gets sued, and the guy shoots up a school, in this reality, it is legal.

  • Freedom of religion

    I personally would be fine with participating in a gay wedding. In fact i wold love to. But i can not force my morals on other people. If someone does not want to participate in something they disagree with for whatever reason that is their choice. Find another bakery. Thats all.

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Sciguy says2016-02-14T05:53:46.903
It's called right to refuse service. If I wanted to I could refuse to sell you a candy bar in my store because your nose was crooked.

Is it right for me to do so? No, but the question is not if it is right but whether it is wrong that it isn't legal.

To be honest, do what you want and when you want because in the end it is your business and your own personnel ideas and doings and no queer, minority, white, or other person can tell you other wise.

If you are not physically hurting anyone, who cares? You should not be allowed to force your life style on other people.
harrytruman says2016-02-17T01:44:07.543
No one is trying to "force our lifestyle on other people," we are trying to ban lifestyles that are morally deprived.
Sciguy says2016-02-17T02:57:16.407
Good luck with that.
Anon1984 says2016-12-09T09:10:08.640
No they should not be sued. A business owner uses his own time, effort, and resources to produce things for others. If they want to make a stupid business decision and deny certain demographics as customers, that should be their prerogative. Race, religion, sexuality, and everything else. Personally if a business wants to refuse service to people of a certain race, I want to know that so I can make sure not to shop there and financially benefit a racist individual. If a business is required to sell to everyone I may never know they are racist and I would be handing over my money to support someone with a deplorable moral compass, which I would prefer not to do.