Should Christian Churches allow the ordination of gay and lesbian priests?

  • Yes, it is past time that Christian Churches evolved

    I feel that it would be a significant step forward for Christian churches to allow the ordination of gay priests. For far too long, Christians have been one of the primary groups that advocate the discrimination and vitriol toward gay people. It is time Christian churches step into the 21st century and adapt with the rest of society.

  • Yes Christian Churches should allow the ordination of gay and lesbian priests

    Why shouldn't they? They have every right to do what they wish to do best as their straight brethren do. I don't think a church should be allowed to discriminate based on sexuality, no matter what the beliefs may be otherwise. It's time the churches get with the times, gays and lesbians exist, they always have, and they always will. People need to get over themselves and deal with it, it is not acceptable to keep shunning them. They are treated like blacks were in the 1950's and 1960's, and it needs to change.

  • Yes. Priests are celibate.

    If you think that you can discriminate against priests that are not even able to have sexual relations with anyone, Even if they were heterosexual, Then you need to look at yourself and ask yourself how you sunk down this low. You need to ask yourself why you let yourself go down this far as to hate people just because they're gay. You need to ask yourself why you interpret Bible verses according to political parties and not as they should be interpreted. If you think homosexuality is a sin, It is not. It is a biological tendency. The only choice in the matter is whether or not you participate in sexual activity (which for priests, Whether homosexual or heterosexual, Is wrong).

  • Why not? The Bible never says anything about it.

    Commonly used clobber passages:
    Gen. 2:24
    Gen 19:5
    Lev 18:22
    Lev 20:13
    Rom 1:26-27
    1 Cor 6:9
    1 Tim 1:10

    I will do a short exegesis of each.
    Genesis 2:24 - Many Christians say that this is how God defines marriage. While, originally, it was one man and one woman, in the case of King David, it was one man, and seven hundred women. Women were treated as property. According to Old Testament history and law, it is hardly a sacred institution.
    Genesis 19:5 - People say that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality; when in reality, it was nothing more than the sin of inhospitality, pride, and gluttony. Ezekiel 16:49-50 tells us this directly. There is also no evidence to support that, in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, men had sex with men. It just says they were wicked and the "abominations" in Ezekiel are not specified.
    Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 - When the Hebrew words (Toevah and Shequets) translate to 'abomination' is used in the Torah, it is always used to condemn something against tradition, and never referred to something innately immoral. Moreover, Leviticus 18 and 20 aren't about homosexuality in the least; rather, it was about shrine temple prostitution. Philo, a first-century Jewish philosopher, understood Moses and knew that Leviticus 18 and 20 were referring to shrine temple sex practices.
    Romans 1:26-27 - During the time of the Biblical authors, everybody was presumed to be heterosexual; while there wasn't any concept of sexual orientation at that times, it was understood that men had a natural inclination towards women and women had a natural inclination towards men. Paul is saying in this text that these men and women USED TO have sex with the opposite sex, but then they abandoned that practice and participated in same-sex acts (shrine prostitution). This means that these are heterosexual people doing homosexual acts, in other words, doing what is against their nature. It isn't talking about created order or natural law or function etc. To prove my point, in 1 Corinthians 11:14, St. Paul tells us that, by nature, a man having long hair is a disgrace to him. In Romans 2:14, St. Paul tells us that the Gentiles, even without the law, practice the law by their own nature, and by nature, they are a law for themselves.
    1 Cor 6:9 and 1 Tim 1:10 - Two Greek words are translated as homosexual in these passages, and they are μαλακοι and αρσενοκοιται. Μαλακοι is a very ambiguous word and literally means 'soft'. It could mean people who have soft morals, but it is also a slang term to refer to catamites, i.e. boys who were kept for homosexual practices by adult males. Αρσενοκοιται was a word, coined by Paul, that stemmed from Lev 18:22 and 20:13. And since those verses, when literlly translated, refer to shrine prostitution, Paul is referring to shrine temple sex. Therefore, we have no justification to exclude LGBT Christians from the ministry.

  • It's up to them

    I think each denomination should choose what they want to believe and we shouldn't force any denomination to do anything they don't want to - however, I don't see how you could be a true God-fearing Christian and ignore the most basic rule of "Love your neighbor as yourself" and approach all people with tolerance and love.

  • There isn't really a reason they shouldn't.

    I say yes hesitantly, because you're not supposed to have sex with anyone when you're a priest. So with that argument, if a priest is homosexual, as long as he doesn't have sex which he's not supposed to anyway, then why can't he be a priest? It's kind of a silly question. Especially considering that it says "or lesbians". Women aren't allowed to join the priesthood anyway, so the argument is moot.

  • Yes. They need to evolve

    There are so many contradictions in the bible. They say love thy neighbor well there is no difference between a homosexual and a heterosexual besides the fact that one of them likes the same gender and one likes the opposite gender. Just because someone is homosexual doesn't mean they lack morals. My cousin is a very Christian woman. She goes to church every Sunday and every Wednesday and she's been with her girlfriend for TEN years. If she wanted to be a minister she should be allowed. The bible also doesn't support divorce, so every divorced couple shouldn't be ministers. Women are suppose to be virgins when they wed so all those who were not virgins fore they met need to be stoned because that's in the bible.

  • God's word says it's wrong to be gay.

    How could a Christian say I love God but, then want to live in sin. The Bible says that if you say you love God and you live in sin you are a liar. I also say that, I mean this is first grade stuff, you either follow God or you follow the devil.

  • Against the beliefs

    It is stated both in Leviticus 18 and 20 not to mention the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis. It is against the beliefs of the church. Any church, which is based on religion should not think of going against their beliefs, because that is what churches are based on, BELIEFS!

  • It goes against their beliefs

    In no way do I support the way this decision, but it's not my call or anyone else's call, it's the churches. If their is a church that will ordain gays and lesbians then that's great! You can not force them to go against their beliefs though, since it is their beliefs and their opinions. They don't have to change them if they don't want to and if you don't like it, don't get involved with their organization.

  • No, homosexuality is against the Christian religion.

    Allowing homosexuals to be ordained priests would be allowing non-Christians to become such, and only Christians should be allowed to become priests. The Christian church should be allowed to refuse said people becoming church leaders because it goes against the Christian beliefs. Those who live in sin should not be church leaders.

  • Stupid!

    The Christian story is of Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, so why would Christian's want something they themselves dont believe in?
    It's stupid to go against your own religion, and go against the bible that the Christians believe in. The gays an lesbians shouldn't go to Christian churches.

  • Stop corrupting the holy church

    Do wat u want at ur own house its a sin ull face later. But no one has the right to get into church and destroying purity bcoz of these ppl in churches the scandals bad names to good church religion has occurred stop them as others said go to ur gay parades not polluting churches NO

  • Christians should stand up for God's laws. We are plainly told not to change one bit of it. Don't be deceived by false teachers.

    We must remember that we are not making policy for a country club but that we are responsible for seeing that God's laws are followed. While the homosexual inclination may not be a choice, living the homosexual lifestyle is a choice, a choice to continually live in sin. The leaders of the church are suppose to be faithful followers of God/Christ. As such they would strive to lead as sinless life as possible which is not the case of a practicing homosexual.

  • No it's wrong

    Gays and lesbians have parades and celebrate their sin. If you read the Bible, there really is no arguments. The answer is absolutely not. If they are proud enough of their lifestyle to openly admit it, then they should take the consequences that go along with it. No ordination. It is an abomination.

  • How bout we read the bible for our answers?

    If we would all please read titus and 1 timothy we would clearly see the qualifications for elders. And i already know some of you are thinking "were not talking about elders here" but different versions call it different things like overseers. So ill leave it to you guys to read through that and tell us that the bible is wrong here, or you can just say that the church needs to adapt again and start ignoring the inerrant word of god. Id prefer to keep to what the bible actually says.

  • Come ALL sinners, repent and be baptized...

    The church is for the sick, (the sinners), as we are all in need of the Great Physician Christ Jesus to heal us, gay and lesbianism based on bible truth would fairly fall into the sin category and those who are suffering from it and should NOT be shunned, but invited to come to a church for healing and guidance. The issue is Repenting: "to feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one's wrongdoing or sin..." the gays and lesbians we are speaking of do not feel that they are sinning. And because of this should not be going through any ordination ceremony or given authority over leading others in any church. Allowing a person who is clearly living in sin, embracing, and upholding their sin, to lead others is wrong. Sheep leading sheep, right over a cliff!

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