Should Christian extremists be prevented from targeting children with their “Hell Houses”?

Asked by: brian_eggleston
  • Children should be protected from religious extremist scare tactics

    Even when people don't notice from the outside peoples are being control mentally . They think somebody noble is behind their believe but the scary part is it could be the worst that you can imagine and you are exposing yourself and your children to it . Was my experience.

  • Yes they should be prevented.

    Scare tactics is an unsubstantial method for attaining religious conversion. The individual making the conversion is making their decision based on fear and survival techniques; they naturally depend on a "savior" to rescue them from their plight. In the case of these hell house, they are often walk-tours of gruesome scenes ending with the escape into heaven. Of course the kids will want Jesus, they're extremely scared.

  • Children should be protected from Christian extremist hell houses.

    Yes, Christian extremist should be prevented from targeting children with hell houses. I believe that scaring children does not work,does not work in stopping them from making bad decisions. In fact, it could cause emotional distress and cause them to lash out. Children should also not be forced into a religion.

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