• To an extent yes, but entirely no.

    Now christian science literally kills children out of the womb by allowing them to die of disease, starvation, dehydration, and snake bites. This isn't a freedom choice, this is religious anarchy. If you reach the age of 16 and choose to kill yourself by denying modern medicine than go for it but since we aren't talking about a Fedus with pre-thalamocortical pathways (Has the capacity to feel pain.) allowing someone to inflict pain on another dependent human life just to worship their gods. We live in a secular state not a theocratic regime and thus religious anarchy should not be allowed to surpass the nations laws. If you starve, abandon, injure, or commit any act of oppression on your child than the punishment is defined either as child cruelty, assault, attempted-murder, or murder and no religious exemptions to the law should ever exist.

  • Yes, it should!

    People on the other section are complaining how censorship is wrong. Clearly they are uneducated morons that do not know how many people "on their side" tried to censor all atheists and people with beliefs that did not match with theirs. Christianity comes from a book with a bunch of laws in them but no proof to back any of it up. Anything said by a christian can be debunked with plain facts and it won't matter how many christians will shut their ears and go "lalalala", you are never going to win an argument over this.

  • Christian Science should be Illegal because God (I'm atheist) says no and the Church says no for Captain Punishment but he approves it

    God is not a human being but the founder of Christian Science ''Mary Bakker Eddy (1821- 1910) is a human being. If God was real there wouldn't be tradition Medicine in the first place and he would say ''look I'm real you can rely I'm healing not this traditional medicine''

  • Why Should It Be Illegal

    First, it's just a religion and that criticizing isn't right. You just should respect what people believe in and not force them to. Plus, im thinking that how is the big bang theory real? An explosion in emptiness suddenly that creates us, the smart sophisticated humans? Again, we can't be sure of either ones and never should be forced to believe in one thing.

  • That would be a violation of free speech.

    Even if a view is extreme and unbelievable, that does not give you the right to silence such a view. That would violate their first amendment freedom of speech. If you don't agree with their viewpoint, do not silence them. Develop a rebuttal and hold a civil debate or just ignore them entirely. You aren't being forced to listen.

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