Should Christianity be the official religion of the U.S.?

  • Not a solid yes, but here is some food for thought.

    Pilgrims came to America to avoid religious prosecution. What religion were they? They were Christians. That being said, should Judaism not be the official religion of Israel? Should Catholicism not be the official religion of Italy/Rome? Should Hinduism not be the official religion of India? Should Islam not be the official religion of Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan?

  • God hates all false religions

    Definitely, I know God has had the Israelites drive out the nations that had false gods that they were worshipping. I don't believe God wants a country full of false religions, he wants everyone to follow the way of the truth and not have any false religions to get in the way of that.

  • No a thousand times no

    Now, I am Christian, Im all for it, but Christianity isn't about dominance over others, (Strange to some I bet), but people have the right to believe what they want to believe, and I don't if they don't believe in Jesus and choose to believe in the flying speghetti monster, its their choice and its fine by me.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • I'm not from the USA

    - But based on logic, and sociological points of views: definitely no. We need diversity; if everyone was christian, there wouldn't be any diverse things like attire and arts that we can look at and say 'wow, just from looking at this attire, this religion/or whatever, seems quite interesting.' And plus, we shouldn't alienate people. It's just wrong.

  • America Is About Religious Freedom

    The separation of church and state is written in the constitution. Some will argue that this country is founded on Christian values, but this is simply a lie. America gives its population the ability to pick and choose any religion they please, and it should remain that way. America's already adopted a secular society, to have an official religion would be back-pedaling. Sure, the majority may be Christian, but that's what's beautiful about the constitution: It's clear in stating that the majority does NOT rule, and whatever minority, no matter how small, is entitled to the same rights as anyone else.

  • Should the U.S. even have an official religion?

    Until the first question is indeed asked, and answered: "SHOULD there be an official religion in the U.S.?", then the question regarding Christianity is suggesting that the preliminary question has indeed been answered. This is a standard tactic and is a dishonest way of introducing the question. It's called "slipping the premise by first."
    So on the grounds of attempted trickery, i say no.

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  • Freedom of religion

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  • Ever thought of separation of church and state?

    I am opposed to Christianity being an official religion because of what happened when a religion becomes part of the government. That would prove to be dangerous to those who have another religion. Also, though our Founding Fathers founded some parts of the government on Christianity, it shouldn't be an official religion. Why? Because it's about choice. Freedom of choice would be suppressed. Besides, in Christianity, isn't God not a god of domination, but gave free will to humans?

  • First Amendment Clause

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...

    First Amendment

    To change the very first amendment to the Bill of Rights to the Constitution would be to alter forever the vary nature of who we are as a nation. It would mean we no longer want to honor our diversity and openness. It would be sign that our nation as regressed.

  • No, Absolutely Not

    It's very simple. It's a free country where we are all equal no matter our race, religion, etc.. To make one official is like saying all the others do not matter or are less than. Keep religion in the church, mosque, temple or whatever your place of worship is called.

    Let's not forget separation of church and state.

  • State Religion: What a joke

    The United States was founded upon the virtues of the Enlightenment, among which we can find religious freedom. Sure, while about half of the population adheres to Protestant Christianity, the other half is composed of Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, you name it. Wouldn't imposing a state religion be effectively disenfranchising all these people? Wouldn't it basically turn the U.S. into a country that openly discriminates and represses more than half of its population? Not to mention that it would violate one of the foundations of American society, the First Amendment, and it would make the United States look like some third-rate banana republic rather than the bastion of liberty it purports to be.

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Wizard_of_Frobozz says2018-01-03T01:40:26.167
The question is ill-formed by slipping the premise in as a fact. Two questions must precede this question.
1) SHOULD the united states HAVE an official religion. And
2) WHY?
Only then can the question be postured legitimately.