Should Christianity be the only religion in Zambia?

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  • Freedom of religion

    How can one truly believe if they are forced. Besides you can never restrict religions because believing is in the mid. Nobody can control a way of thinking. As for the question doing so goes against Christianity itself . Do to other as you want done to yourself. , the golden rule

  • Religion is a scar on the face of mankind.

    Any state sanctioned religion is a bad idea. We should discourage the establishment of any religion. It's time to get with the program and move away from organized religion entirely as it only serves as a way to oppress and control. Religion is a scar on the face of mankind and should be eliminated.

  • Repression of Religions is Bad for Any Country

    Freedom of religion is a fundamental right that many Western nations recognize as integral to the liberty of their peoples. Freedom of religion, specifically, leads to increased exchange of ideas, a more tolerant society, and, most importantly, serves as a check against totalitarianism. To state bluntly, the idea of a state-sanctioned religion (in this case, by default) represses and ostracizes people that these governments are supposed to serve.

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