• It's basic speech.

    Yes, Christians should be able to wear a cross in the workplace, because it is a basic free speech. Someone that is Muslim can wear a head scarf. There is no reason not to let a Christian wear a basic symbol of free speech. Someone who is not Christian should be able to wear a cross, too.

  • In the USA? Yes.

    I'm an atheist, but I was raised in a land where religious freedom is and should be celebrated. If you are a Christian, then go ahead and wear that cross. If you're an atheist, feel free to talk about your disbelief in god. This doesn't matter to me at all.

  • Yes, I believe Christians should be able to wear a cross in the workplace.

    I don't see a problem with Christians wearing small crosses or pins with crosses on them in the workplace as long as they are not disrupting the workplace by constantly talking about their religion, I believe everyone should be able to have freedom to express their religion as long as it's respectful to others.

  • yes they should

    Yes, it is not going to hurt a single person just since a christian might be wearing a cross on them as the place that they are working at. I think that they need to be able to show off the religion that they follow if they want to do it.

  • Yes, Christians should be able to wear a cross at work.

    Unless the cross is overtly obnoxious or a safety hazard, I do not see any reason why a Christian should not be able to wear a cross to work. A lot of workers can wear religious items to work. Christians should not be any different. Of course if there is a dress code for a safety reason, then some issues need to be addressed.

  • Yes, thanks to the Constitution

    Freedom of religion is protected under our founding documents. Beyond that, someone wearing a cross necklace/ bracket/earrings is not physically affecting anyone except for themselves. This also applies to other religions. Muslims should be able to wear hajabs, Jews should be able to wear a kippah, sikhs should be able to wear turbans, ect.

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