Should Christians be following the Old Testament?

Asked by: Splenic_Warrior
  • Yip, yup, and yes....

    Everyone who is convicted of sin, needs to look through the old testament and then immediately turn the page, to where it says: "New Testament"!!!!!.... 'Cause without this Jesus guy, I wouldn't stand a chance in Hell!!!!!......So run as quickly as you can to a beautiful, fresh start with God through Jesus the Christ, the Son, the lamb, the only chance GOD SAYS YOU HAVE!!!! No joke, not kidding.....Ask God today....Being convicted sucks, but being forgiven makes all the difference.....Love ya!!!!

  • Yes. You should

    If you disregard the old testament then you probably disregard the 10 commandments as well. A lot of Christians tend to not even follow the commandment that says to observe the Sabbath. And the regulations of the Sabbath say not to work, light or extinguish a fire.. etc. and fyi Sabbath is on Saturday not Sunday. Even the definition of Saturday means the 7th day. It was only changed to Sunday by the Romans. Did anyone ever notice the prophecies given by god in the 5 books of Moses? Jesus only completed 2. He's Jewish, and supposedly descendant of king David. Every other one he failed. Gods list of prophecies were the qualifications of someone to be the messiah. There's 2 possible ways to tell for sure when someone is the messiah. Either every single person instantly knows, or every single prophecy must be completed. This is not the case with Jesus. In fact Deuteronomy the last book of the 5 books of Moses says to never add or change the Torah (5 books of Moses). So the new testament claiming to "fulfill" gods word is not fulfilling, it is violating gods word by both adding to, and changing it. And attempting to replace it. Many Christians believe the old testament doesn't even apply anymore which is not true. All the prophecies Jesus says he completed in the new testament look up. You won't find them because they never existed anywhere except by his mouth. He made them up to try and convince people he was the messiah. And as for jesus's resurrection do you see any actual names of witnesses? Because I couldn't find any. Everything i found in research points towards the 5 books of Moses being eternal, and unchangeable, and that jesus is a false prophet. But don't take my word for it. Do your own research. The truth is out there

  • Yes, if they want to.

    In general the Old Testament is old and not usually considered when it comes to religious practice. However, if someone believes that the Old Testament had it right and want to practice that rather than the new one they be able to do so. It is important to allow people the ability to choose.

  • No, Christians should not be following the Old Testament.

    In what is the belief of many Christians, Jesus was a replacement or fulfillment of the Old Law, so that the laws that were set up were there for people before Jesus' coming. A summary of this can be found in Hebrews 8, where it is mentioned that the new covenant makes the old one obsolete. Initially, God's covenant was only with the Jewish people, but once Jesus came, it was opened up to all men. Of course, if people wish or feel it's important, they can certainly optionally observe Jewish law and traditions, and some of them did carry over, such as the 10 Commandments.

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