• Christians should definitely be involved in politics, exactly as any other special interest groups.

    Politics give all individuals the right to vote on issues / politicians they believe will have an effect them. I'm not saying that Christians should all vote as their church or pastor tells them to, most certainly not. But they should be involved in the sense that they first seek to be informed and second make up their own minds. As a group they should open up a website which follows politicians / issues that concern them. Sources should be cited and critical thinking employed. It should be an open forum which posts all comments, including those the moderators choose to remove... These comments should be available on an alternate site which is easily accessible along with the moderator who removed the comment & reason given for removal (citations as pertinent). Thus all comments can be assessed by all who access the site. Such a website would allow for a more intelligent involvement by all. Granted you will be open to all manner of comments, yet that is freedom & freedom is well worth all of its many burdens.

  • Yes, influencing not deciding.

    Everyone who wants to should be involved in the political process and of course their religious or spiritual beliefs are going to be influencing them as they vote or campaign. What they should not be doing is using coercion or guilt to try to make their beliefs the law of the land.

  • Christians should be active in politics

    Kings, Priests, and Presidents must come from homes that are approved of God. They must be selected from homes that the Lord deems favoured.
    Only sons of God and men of God can hear from God. God has interest in every nation and he wants to direct his people in each nation.

  • Leave your faith in the parking lot???

    I often hear atheists and agnostics, even some ill-informed Christians, saying, "faith has no place in the political arena"--as if, "the political arena" were some kind of morally-sterile environment that must only permit the free-discussion of ideas among participants with the super-human ability to detach completely from their their faith-based presuppositions and legislate/govern/rule in that checked-out mode.

    This is not only absurd, it is impossible. It is also completely ridiculous. No one asks (or expects) the Muslim, the Buddhist, the Hindu or the Church of Scientology adherent to do the same... Only Christians. Even if the consensus were that all religious beliefs should be (somehow) rendered innocuous, detecting a violation or enforcing the rule would be impossible.

    Finally: Atheism, Agnosticism, Darwinism, etc...All make faith claims. They all cultivate presuppositional foundations and they all form a world view just like any other religion.

    So what's the difference? People hate and fear Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords.

  • Yes, but the religion should not affect their decisions

    People, regardless of their religions, should be given the rights to be involved in politics, as banning a single religion from politics and allowing the others is unfair. However, as secular states require a separation of church and state, the religious beliefs should not have an influence on the stance or decisions of the person, in this case.

  • Yes, of course they should

    Christians should be involved in politics if they want to, just as every faction that wants to be involved should. The only problem is believing that they can force their beliefs on other people. If Christians can recognize that this is a diverse nation and sincerely want to be involved in the running of it, they have every right and I can see no reason why they shouldn't. Everyone's voice needs to be heard.

  • Yes, like everyone else.

    Christians, like all Americans, should get involved politically. However, they must understand that there is a separation of church and state such that we do not automatically grant special status to an idea because it emanates from a popular religion. Christians can balance being who they are with accepting that the government is a secular entity.

  • Christians ought not be involved in politics AS CHRISTIANS.

    While every PERSON should be involved in politics, the question here is whether or not they should be involved in applying their Christianity to political questions. Religion is the discussion of what people OF THAT RELIGION ought do, not what others ought do; "Vengeance is THE LORDS in the fullness thereof", and "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's". These are clearly mandates that the rule of MAN and not the church is to establish what behavior is acceptable of society, especially since according to the bible "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God." This means that the SECULAR authority of man is put in place by God, if such a God exists.

  • Not in Church

    No, Christians should not be involved in politics. I do not go to church on a regular basis but I just don't see the point in bringing up politics. There is so many other things to be talked about and focused on. If a Christan wants to become a leader I am not against it, but keep politics out of the church.

  • What is the reason in joining politics? To make change?

    If that is the reason, you don't need to be in the politics to start change, and to be light, start it to your self and in fixing your bed when you woke up. The way you live and testify every day is enough, that is why for me politics should be kept out from the church

  • We are already involved in politics by default. WE ARE AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST'S KINGDOM.

    No one I know of would ever say that Muslims or Atheists or Hindu's or Buddhists should not be involved in politics.
    From the point of view of secular society, or the State, there shouldn't even be such a discussion! From the Biblical point of view, we already are involved in politics! We are ambassadors for another Kingdom and have been given a commission from our King to spread His Kingdom!
    If you honestly believe that being involved in this current political landscape is the best way to obey Him, then I don't know who could say for sure that you are wrong.
    I personally couldn't see that as the best way to reach them with the Gospel, but perhaps that's just me. :-)

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