• It shouldn't be a crime to protect yourself

    It doesn't matter who you are, it is NEVER a crime to protect yourself. If a man is running at you with an axe and you have a gun, don't let him hack you into pieces, shoot him! I don't see why it should be a crime to defend your life, when it shouldn't.

  • Yes Christians can carry guns!

    Jesus said if you don't have a sword , sell your cloak and buy one!
    Christian men also have a duty to protect their family. It's unfortunate, but this is the age of the gathering of Satan's army! You can see it world wide! Just look at ISSIS, SATAN IS GAINING A STRONGHOLD!

  • Christians Can Carry Guns

    There's nothing wrong with the idea of a Christian person carrying a gun. To say otherwise is completely asinine. With that in mind, a Christian can carry a gun for personal protection or while hunting without committing any sins or something similar. In the end, millions of Christians do carry firearms.

  • Whoever wants to

    I don't think being a Christian (or any religion, really, unless it espouses pure pacifism) should lead to a stance for or against guns, but there's no reason that Christians specifically shouldn't carry guns. If there is a specific cause, however, the bible seems to be pretty clear about taking up arms.

  • Yes if they want.

    If a Christian person wishes to carry a gun than they should be allowed to do so. The religion does not say anywhere that they can not carry a gun for protection. However, if they do not want to than they should not feel the need to. It comes down to why.

  • Yes, they are for self-defense.

    Yes, Christians should carry guns, because guns are good for hunting. Guns are also good for self-defense. Guns are a deterrent to someone breaking into a house. God gave Christians animals to eat, so there is nothing wrong with having guns to use to hunt animals. Guns, when not abused, are a good thing for Christians.

  • They are free too

    They should be able to carry around guns because they live here to, and it is a free country any people should be able to carry a gun. Any religion should be able to carry weapons it they have a license for the gun. But they should not have any gun that can take over america

  • Christians Should Not Carry Guns

    No, Christians should not carry guns. As Christianity is a religion that preaches to love your neighbor and whose central figure is referred to as the "Prince of Peace", violent weapons such as guns seem antithetical to its teachings. A Christian carrying a gun seems about as absurd as a bird wearing scuba gear.

  • If they feel the need.

    I think a person should have the right to feel protected. Whether or not that means they feel the need to carry a gun with a permit, of course, then whether the person is a Christian or an Atheist, I think they should be allowed to carry around a concealed weapon.

  • No , because Jesus never carried, or used a sword.

    2 Corinthians 10:4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds:). This verse was taken out of the Holy Bible KJV. Christians are to follow all the examples of Holy scripture in the bible not for carnal religious purposes, but to have a personal relationship with God. If you do not have a relationship with God, then you will pickup a gun, and use it in the time of trouble. If you do not have a personal relationship with God then your not are not a Christian; you are not following the commandments in the bible given to you by God. You can't carry a gun and call yourself a Christian, because Jesus, demanded forgiveness from all his persecuted followers in Matthew Chapter 5, verses 38 to 48. Only rulers, and law enforcement under Godly rule can carry weapons to enforce the law (Romans Chapter 13, verses 1 to 7). If rulership is ungodly then God himself will bring in Godly rulership to overthrow it. Use World War 1, and 2 as an example for future world wars. Evil will never prevail therefore one day God will establish his everlasting Government without sin in it. That means a world of peace. The end is near with all the nukes, and talks of war with guns, and ammo whether you believe in Jesus, or not it will not last, but God and your soul is everlasting.

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