• Of Course Christians Should Celebrate Passover

    Passover is one of the most sacred celebrations within religion, and is an integral part of the story of Christianity. Christ, the singular most significant component outside of God, in the Christian religion, celebrated Passover. There is no reason why a person who touts himself or herself as “Christian”, would not celebrate the period of Passover. It is as much apart of religious right as Palm Sunday, Good Friday, or the ultimate time for Christians to rejoice – Easter Sunday.

  • Sure, if they want to.

    Atheists celebrate Christmas and Easter, as do some Jews. Why can't Christians celebrate Passover? As long as it's being done respectfully and not to mock or belittle, there should not be a problem with the celebration. It's a wonderful way for us all to learn about each others traditions and religions.

  • YES! The Passover celebration marks a miraculous event in the Bible, the deliverance of THOUSANDS OF SLAVES--Gentile and Hebrew--in the Exodus event.

    1. The Bible is the heritage of ALL the nations, since YAHWEH Elohim
    declares: "Behold, all souls are Mine!" (Ezekiel 18:4) God fiercely loves
    all humans, created in His image. All the festivals of the Bible teach us about the CHESED, the lovingkindness of the God Who extravagantly "Loves the stranger" ( Deuteronomy 10:16) and "executes judgement and justice for all who are oppressed" (Psalm 103:6). The Exodus was God's JUDGEMENT AGAINST SLAVERY AND HUMAN DEGRADATION.
    HEBREWS! They ALSO had smeared the blood on their homes, and they had to slip out of their masters' houses under cover of night
    to get the blood smeared BEFORE MIDNIGHT. Exodus 12:38 records that a "mixed multitude" came out with the Israelites. This means that thousands of African, Mediterranean and Western Asian
    slaves had placed their faith in YAHWEH Elohim, the God of the Hebrews; they followed Moses' instructions and fled Egypt, having
    been spared death of the firstborn. Therefore, all Christians of any ethnic background have the right to celebrate the Passover; the
    God of "the spirits of all flesh" (Numbers 27:16) Who raised Jesus
    from the dead is ALSO the God of JUSTICE, Who cares for the downtrodden in all human societies.

  • Is this really a question?

    -Jesus celebrated the Passover
    -the Passover is all about Jesus
    -Jesus is the Passover lamb
    -the crucifixion was pointed to by the blood on the doorposts back in Egypt
    -Passover is God's symbol for mankind's redemption that would be fullfilled
    -Passover has been covered up by Easter which is modeled after a pagan celebration and even named after a pagan goddess

    So Christians have the most reason to celebrate the Passover, not by sacrificing a lamb since that was done in Christ but by honoring that Great Sacrifice!

  • Absolutely NOT! Pesach is for Jews! (Though Gentiles have their place in it)

    Pesach (Passover) is a Jew only celebration. It's only for Jews, gentiles should not participate in a Jewish Seder. A Christian/Gentile should read Exodus, Proclaim that G-d is alive, and proclaim to others that our G-d is alive today and was alive to save his chosen people.

    While this is a Jewish only holiday, it may please Gentiles and Christians that traditional Matzah may be enjoyed by a Gentile ^_^.

  • Christians should not celebrate Passover.

    Passover is a Jewish holiday that is significant in both their history and their traditions. It commemorates the time that they were required to sacrifice an animal and put a cross on their door with the blood in order to protect their eldest child from being killed. n other words, the time they were "passed over." This was not the experience of the Christians, so while they should honor the holiday it is not their holiday to celebrate.

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