• Yes, evolution doesnt contradict Christianity

    There is much more scientific backing in support of Evolution over Creationism, and if Christians actually embraced evolution it would give a hell of a boost to their credibility too. I can understand embracing something at a time when it seems to be the best explanation, but people shouldn't let the misconceptions of the past define what they believe in.

  • Factual facts are factual.

    Evolution has been proven well enough that we can rely on it as a solid theory. Unlike the bible which has no proof or sense to sit. For a whole group of people to disagree with something because it contradicts their little story book is just stupid, believe in what's proven, not what you like.

  • Evolution is a fact

    In this day and age, the theory of evolution should be just as accepted as the theory of gravity.
    Evolution is not "just a theory". Scientific theories are not the same as layman's theories. Scientific theories are the highest form of proof there is in science. The entire fissile record measured with radiometric dating and DNA samples along with other scientific data, proves evolution is a fact.

  • Christians should embrace evolution.

    Science and religion do NOT overlap. If you think God created man, then he could've created evolution. There aren't enough facts in religion to tell us that God really did whatever he did. In science on the other hand, there are facts to support everything in it. If you're going to be ignorant about science and FACTS just because you religion says so, then you'll be like all the people in the church who hated Galileo because he was trying to convince everyone with FACTS!!!

  • Why, yes they should.

    Christianity as a whole is a dying ideology - many people are converting away from it to belief systems like Islam, or to non-belief. This is because of many Christian sect's refusal to compromise. Evolution is an observable, proven, and verified fact. It is not, necessarily, incompatible with Christianity. In fact, Pope John Paul II said himself: "Today, more than a half century after this encyclical, new knowledge leads us to recognize in the theory of evolution more than a hypothesis." So, technically, Evolution is compatible with Catholicism. I think that more sects should embrace it.

    Now, should they be forced to embrace it? Absolutely not. I believe that people should be free to establish their own thoughts and opinions: if you wish to be an imbecile, go ahead and be one. I just believe that they SHOULD embrace it as factual, because - frankly - it is.

  • Absolutely. Christians denied the heliocentric model, too, and look where that got them.

    Here's the thing, evolution is proven. It's a fact of science, it's a fact of nature. Denying it the way Christians denied the heliocentric model during Copernicus' years will only serve to make them look foolish and ignorant. Just because they believe in a dogma rooted in the dark ages doesn't mean they can't embrace modern science.

  • I am a Catholic. I embrace evolution.

    Why can't Christians assume that Jesus came down and sacrificed himself for the sins that humanity had committed until then? Why not assume that Jesus just wiped the slate clean and demonstrated God's mercy by sacrificing his own Son for the sake of the world? Why Original Sin? Because it was against God personally? I think it is in the best interests for Christians to embrace evolution, because it will be a first step in converting atheists. It gains credibility in their crowd and the evidence for evolution is overwhelming. Did God create man? Yes. Did he create everything? Yes. THROUGH EVOLUTION.

  • Yes they should

    One of the problems I have with fundamentalists is they teach flawed science. Some awesome biologists like Ken Miller, Ronald Fisher and Theodosius Dobzhansky were/are Christians. Evolution just states how the world works, it doesn't rule out any divine intervention at all. Evolution doesn't prove or disprove God, as God isn't under the testable nature of science and can't make any claims about such a deity.

  • Yes, Of course.

    God made the universe and everything in it. All evidence points to a universe that is 13 billion years old, an earth that is 4.5 billion years old, and evolutionary biology as the method he used. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Over a long course of time. On purpose. Rejecting the evidence (which is overwhelming) does not mean we have better faith. It means we have worse credibility. We may as well claim the earth to be flat and at the center of the universe. God gave us our brains. He created logic and reason. He likes them and wants us to use them.

  • All Religions need to evolve and embrace evolution.

    All religions can provide comfort and support, especially during times of stress and anxiety. That is fine, but when Religion purports to have all the answers then that is harmful. The bible is not a science book and should never be treated as such. Science like life will continue to grow and change, it will adapt it will move forward. If religion doesn't move forward then what's it good for? It'll just become an old, irrelevant, dogmatic piece of nonsense. Christians should embrace life, and embrace knowledge. Love your God by all means, but love the world with all its diversities as well.

  • No, science is on the Christians side.

    From genetics to missing links to the Cambrian Explosion, science is on the side of the literal 6 day Creationist. I am a Christian and have studied the science, I just think Atheists who believe evolution are to arrogant to see the truth or bother to look for it. I recently e-mailed die hard evolutionist Lawrence Krauss, this is what he said about my Creationist views: "I assume when you say you are a creationist, you don't mean a 6000 year old earth creationist.. because if you mean that, you haven't looked at the evidence, and if you did, you don't understand the science.. "

  • If God did not create man,then man did not come from apes

    I have read the theory of evolution, and I understand their point off views. We do have some part f us that are related to other species, but that does not prove the point that we come from them, or them from us. I do believe every species exists and can cross breed with likewise species. But from ape to man, is very much impossible just as God created man in his image. As a christian, I do believe in creation, but if there was any chance to believe evolution, I need better proof than their theory. As for Christians, that is their belief, and if you cannot make other religion accept your theory, or accept what the bible says, I think you should leave the Christians alone and stick to our believe. I believe the Christians have a better proof than evolutionists. Proof #1. God created man in his image and likeness. Meaning that we are gods and with our type of intelligence, I am yet to believe that any monkey will evolve to become us.

  • No, I don't believe so

    We have our beliefs and they are what they are . We were created my god , not formed by chimps , and just because the big bang theory is more believed then the creation story in the bible. Dose not mean that elevation is true. Evolution is a silly because we are not chimps and chips are not us , we may look similar , but have u seen a chimp turn into a human any time lately ....I don't think so

  • Beliefs Are Under No Requirement to Follow Secular cience

    There is countless evidence that evolution is most a "guess" with very few real hard facts, and radio-dating is an absolutely absurd dating process, where even noble prize winners have called it foolish forms of dating because of the amount of imagination that goes into it, however my response revolves more around the ethics of it. Christians follow a certain belief and moral system that they put their entire faith into Secularism, is in fact, a moral and belief system in itself as well. You put your faith in all this "rock solid" science which is flimsy at best, and Christians put their Faith in a book that is mostly unchanged and written over thousands of years of human life where several authors whom were not even closely related to each other by time or distance agree with each other (New testament Gospels for example). If secularism isn't required to believe anything that Christians believe, then neither shall Christians be forced to believe anything that secularism believes. They are both (secularism and Christianity) moral and belief systems that people chose to follow. No one expects seculars to be forced to believe anything a Christian believes, then neither shall Christians be forced to embrace Evolution - a belief only secularism tolerates, no other major religion or beliefs embrace secularism, so why should Christians. The double standard must stop.

  • No, it is the Scientists that have changed, not the evidence

    Many scientists before the acceptance of Darwin's theory of evolution accepted the Bible. The Dinosaurs and other fossils show that there was a disruption that caused them to be that way. The Dinosaur bones are still stretchy, soft and has dried blood on them. The decay of the human genome is consistent with the Bible.

  • Evolution Theory is mostly "ideas"

    Perhaps my biggest problem with Evolution theory is the lack of real factual data and evidence. 90% of the theory is "hypothesis" or in layman's terms "this could have caused this and effected that revealing to us this and ending up with that, just perhaps..." and so the argument of cause and effects goes on. However, we lack a huge amount of factual physical evidence to support the majority of evolution. Scientists claim genetics as their evidence largely, however if genetics state that such animals could have existed, why have we found zero evidence of such animals existing. Take for example, the "earlier" versions of "man". We have scientists who tell us we came from apes, however the chromosome count lock absolutely negates this argument. A 46 chromosome human cannot under any biological circumstance come from a 48 chromosome ape. The idea is that they somehow "combined" into one larger #12 chromosome thus forming the 46 chromosome human. However, take this note: when chromosomes combine today the result is 100% of the time an aborted baby. In other words, a miscarriage. The organic life structure just does not support this change. And chromosomes can't half blend either, so we can't have 47 because they come in pairs. This move from 48 to 46 would have had to occur in one exact instance of time, and then at that same time, an opposite sexed ape carrying the same chromosome switch or "combination" of chromosomes mutated to look like today's human #12 would have had to be born in extremely close proximity, at the approximate time, and then they would have had to mate. The chances are more than 100 trillion billion to one of this extraordinarily rare event occurring. This explains why we have just a handful (I believe somewhere are 3 to 4) "early" human skeletons as opposed to the millions of regular looking skeletons that exist today. Logical and organic science refute evolution theory currently every step of the way. I cannot accept this lousy model of explaining how we came about in its current form of misconceptions and "oh this is how a stick and metal joined together randomly without external input of energy" nonsense.

  • See the evidence

    https://www. Creationresearch. Net/
    AIMS & BELIETS (IN BRIEF) Psalm 26:7 sums it up nicely.

    "That we may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, And tell of all God's wondrous works. "


    We proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ;
    Believing the Bible is the written word of God. It is divinely inspired and inerrant throughout. Its assertions are factually true and it is the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
    We accept the final guide to the interpretation of Scripture is Scripture.
    And the account of origins presented in Genesis is a simple but factual presentation of actual events and therefore provides a reliable framework for research into the origin and history of life;
    Therefore we research, Document and promote the scientific aspects of creation are important, They are secondary to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ as Sovereign, Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, Lord and Judge, Who is an equal member of the triune Godhead - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • Both make different claims, and there cannot be two contradicting truths.

    Many theistic evolutionists, argue that God 'may' have 'used' evolution to bring man into existence. However if we examine the whole biblical account, we see that this explanation does not fit at all.

    If evolution is true, man developed in incremental steps, through natural selection, over billions of years. Therefore death occurred long before man did. However, the bible teaches that God created man, and man brought death into the world through sin. Death did not bring man into the world. Death is a *result* of sin. The fact that man has sinned, and is separated from God, and that Jesus Christ was sacrificed to gain our salvation, is the core tenant of Christianity. This is not compatible with an evolutionary viewpoint. Evolutionary theory is not compatible with Christianity, nor is compatible with honest modern science.

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Wallstreetatheist says2013-03-08T05:08:26.557
Christians who don't believe the Bible go to hell. I think. Evolution is such a contentious issue, because it so deeply contrasts with the creation story of Christianity.

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