• Not the same "God" as the founders

    It would be one thing if the Fundamentalists had a realistic view of "God" but they do not. The founders were much more educated and sophisticated than modern Christian fundamentalists who are much more tyrannically orthodox. Christians should focus on being virtuous themselves rather than focusing on the flaws of others.

  • Religion has no place in schools

    Religion has no place in schools. The reason being (among many) is that it will not help you in the real world. Not only that, it teaches kids bias. And bias is not only bad, but it flies in the face of logic. And logic is the only thing separating us from savages and educated human beings. Most of the sayings in the bible are METAPHORS. NOT LITERAL. As well as things change over time, such as views on homosexuality. At the time that homosexuality was condemned in the bible, there were several instances of little boys being raped by nobles, and because of this, it was condemned. Things change over time. That's why conservatives are so incredibly wrong about so many things. They need to progress. They are stuck in the past.

  • yes they should

    Yes, there is a reason why they keep failing. Because the government knows that the way we all came here is from evolution, and that is why they only teach it in schools and they do not teach all of the things that are in the religions of today here.

  • Yes, I think Christians should give up on trying to force God into schools.

    I don't think religious people should be spending the time and effort trying to introduce their religion into schools in general, there should be a clear separation of Church and State and that extends to the schools as well, I feel that this is an issue the Christians are not going to win on and should just give up.

  • It's time to make this a private issue

    Nobody likes a person who is trying to sell them something, and countless times the public schools have been described as and reaffirmed as a religion free institution. By pushing God into the school, Christians are creating more resentment against the religion than they are benefitting the students educationally or morally.

  • They need to shut up and go back to church.

    Christians should just give up, period. They have held this nation hostage for far too long. People are tired of them, tired of their hate, and sick and tired of their intolerance. They're never going to get their god into public schools. The First Amendment makes sure that will never happen.

  • The word of GOD is not based on force

    Well, real Christians never force GOD in schools. They always try to reach the word of GOD by explaining the necessity of that in everyone life and to teach people how knowing about GOD can polish their spirit and will keep them away from corruption. So, forcing has never been the way of christianity.

  • Christians don't "force"

    It is a matter about bad Christians. These days there are to many people who claim to be Christian but don't live a Christian life, those are usually the people that cuss other people out for not believing. Also a lot of people don't understand how to spread the word and do it in a way that makes people mad.

  • Our country was based on having RESPECT for God.

    WHY is it so bad for kids to have to say ONE NATION UNDER GOD at school? A moment of silence isn't going to kill anyone.

    Evolution is discussed and us Christians sit through class listening about Darwin even though we don't fully believe it all. We do it out of respect for other peoples opinions.

    The Lords prayer was already taken away before football games and pep rallies. This equality for everyone to be happy isn't fair at all. This is just catering to people who don't believe, its ridiculous. If a kid doesn't want to say or hear the pledge with those words then don't say it! If a kid doesn't want to pray then don't pray along with everyone. It's as simple as that!!!!!!!

  • Should non Christians stop trying to force our God out of schools?

    When our nation was first founded, God could be found in almost any school. It's not the Christians who are trying to force him in... It's the non believers who are trying to force him out. Does God need mere humans to keep him in or out? No, God's will shall always be done with or without our help. Thank you and God bless.

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