Should christians pray for the death of their perceived enemies?

Asked by: viki-scholar
  • Why not ?

    Forgive your enemies for they do not understand.
    There are no such things as enemies. Not truly. We make those. And essentially we make those up.
    We decide to not work together
    we decide to not love one another
    we decide to make war with each other.
    Nothing is set, nothing is truly predestined.
    It is our weakness, "sin", prejudice, (any other word that any philosophy uses) that perceives others. Judge others when it is not our place.
    So at the end of the day, at death, which will come to all, without exception, no matter how rich, how poor, strong, or weak,
    we are as equal together as we are before our birth.
    This is not just a christian thing, this is a moral thing that all philosophies aspire. And religion is the journey, the effort communion towards this blind truth.

  • Not Supporting Christians.

    On an ethical level alone no one should wish death to someone just for dissagreeing with them. But should Christians wish death to non believers because the Bible tells them to (which it does, see Deuteronomy Chapter 17 for killing those who don't believe in a familiar god and those who disagree with priests)? Still no. If any religion or way of thinking dictates that you execute people for having different beliefs, then you should oppose said religion or way of thinking.

  • Probably best to seek God's will.

    So, first and foremost, Christians are given some very specific rules: Love your neighbor as you love yourself (Mark 12:31, Matthew 22:39). Even more than that we are told to

    Then, if we decide to simply skim over the bible really fast, then we are told we aren't supposed to repay evil with evil. It benefits us not one bit to be wicked because our actions are a reflection of who we say we follow, and Jesus actually prayed for those who killed him. (1 peter 3:9; Proverbs 17:13, 20:22; Matthew 5:39, 5:44; Luke 6:27-29; Romans 12:14-20 and the list goes on).

    So, be like Christ, forgive and move forward. Don't hold grudges, don't count wrongs, don't keep enemies. Forgive freely, seek forgiveness, and be like who you wish to follow.

    Consider the example we're setting. We follow a God of infinite mercies, yet we are limited on our mercies? Our God forgave those who literally beat Him, yet we can't forgive the guy who stole our bubble gum in 5th grade?

    Practice what we preach, pray for their lives to find God. Then rejoice in their salvation (Luke 15).

  • Eh, probably not.

    I'd say "God has a plan for them" so you don't have to intervene (if you think the prayer would make a difference), but his plan for you may very well include a prayer of death to your precieved enemies. Love your neighbors, love your enemies, pray for your persecutors, Jesus said. Love them, but only to their face? Dunno, but yeah, I think it's better not to.

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