• It's our faith.

    Why shouldn't we? Just because some people seem to think they can find contradictions that aren't there because they neither choose to look at contexts nor actually study the book, doesn't means Christians shouldn't read God's word. This is how we connect with God. If someone disagrees with that, fine, but it's our belief.

  • No, they shouldnt

    Not just christians, I think nobody shouldnot believe in it, everybody should escape that collection of "PORNOGRAPHY, ABSURDITY, ERRORS, JOKES AND E.T.C" so ridiculous, what is there worth believing in? Even Quran of mjuslims is more logical than that. That wouldd be the first book I am goingto prohibit my child from reading, if I had a child.

  • It is 'God' breathed

    It was inspired by God, written thorugh men. In other words, it came from God, and man simply wrote it down. Everything it says is true. It proves a lot. The Bible has a point of reference in history, archaeology, prophecy, etc. to verify it's claims. The Resurrection of Jesus is based upon historical fact, and that's why 75% of historians and scholars agree that Jesus tomb was found empty. 95% agree with the apperances of JEsus after his death. And virtually all believe that his disciples and skeptics came to believe in him as the Risen Christ, despite their Jewish beliefs about the Messiah before hand. We can certainly trust the bible, unlike RepublicanMan who says "We can't". It's the most unique and verifiable ancient document in existence.

  • Um... Well.. Yeah

    This is a fairly stupid question. We're assuming these people are Christians. How does one properly follow the Christian faith? They read the Bible. Is it worth a crap to be a Christian and not believe the book you base your faith on? No, that's ridiculous. Sorry but not sorry.

  • It was not written by a biblical figure!

    Some Christians describe the Bible as the 'book of God'. I completely disagree. It's not like the Bible was written by God, Christ or other religious figures described in the book. Now I do believe that it could be used as a a source of faith or studying of the religion, I do not believe it proves anything or is God's book as most Christians describe it. I am Episcopal, so I am not trying to blaspheme the Christian Faith, but I simply do not trust the Bible should be trusted as much as it is. I believe that it is also too easy to twist around, as organized religion does. Churches have always corrupted the teachings of the Bible and generally of God. I do not believe we should trust the Bible as much as we do. It's ridiculous.

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