Should Christians stop campaigning against abortion?

  • Limiting people's Freedom should not be allowed.

    Even some presidential candidates don't allow abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.
    That is one of the cruelest things you could do to a woman, but yet they think they're helping. There aren't even bible passages against abortion, so where are they getting this logic from in the first place?
    1. You are not killing anyone. Nobody. A fetus is totally different from a baby, whether you want to admit it or not. A person shouldn't be considered alive if they are brain dead, since that is what keeps you from going six feet under. The brain isn't developed until about the third trimester, so at that point the fetus has a possibility to be considered alive, but not quite. It doesn't have any memories, it can't function on it's own and it isn't even developed enough.
    The only thing keeping the fetus functioning is the fact that it is attached to the mother. At least babies are able to move and breath on their own, and they can actually eat food instead of needing someone else to eat it. Babies may not seem like it, but they are very independent compared to a fetus. They are also very different from a fetus as well, which is why I don't support a baby killing rampage.
    2. This could save lives. Stem cell research has proven that it has the potential to reform entire organs such as the heart. People won't need artificial hearts, lungs or whatever else anymore if we could do more research on this study. Stopping abortion will only ruin our chances of being able to save these people's lives and help scientists break the barriers in the things we don't know yet.
    You may say "how could you value one life over the other!" These mothers getting abortions don't want the fetus living inside of them. It might be a grim reminder of their rapist, stop them from graduating high school, get them kicked from their parent's home, shamed and ruin their lives. Plus, we are facing overpopulation in this world. Orphanages are packed with children people don't want, and it ruins the orphan's life as well.
    3. Freedom. 'Murica.
    There are at least some reasonable Christians that support abortion rights and I congratulate them for it.

  • They need to stop poking their noses into everything to be honest.

    Abortion is just one of those things. Not only do people need to take into account that people do not always follow Christianity and therefore, the Christian protesters, but that they need to live and let live.

    They also don't know a person's story and to why they are aborting, so they should have no right imposing their Anti-Choice beliefs on others, especially those who are not Christian or don't follow a religion.

  • I'm an atheist

    Please stop pushing your religious beliefs onto me. Its my body and my life, I have the human right to make my own choices about my body and what it will carry! Women fought for equal rights so as to determine their own lives and break free of the patriarchal ideology that still pervades many parts of developed countries.

  • I agree.

    Here's the thing, we are in a violent minded nation, and world right now,and change that and have the funds going into killing humans,and putting them in bondage and the space programs redirected to the humans that needed it abortions would at the same time will decrease as a cause, and effect. Humans would also be able to afford Upper cervical specific care as described on too, a good kind of Chiropractic. All of all ages would be wise to be evaluated by one. Then love all,and not be a drunkard being in your right mind,and have your soul saved for better things than what this planet has to offer circling a star that will one day die like us.

  • They should, but nobody should force them to.

    Christians, just like everyone else, have the right to advocate whatever political opinion they want. However, continuing to fight against abortion is a losing battle these days. People with radical anti-abortion like Todd Akin being ousted from political office shows the general political climate nowadays. There are other (in my opinion more important) issues for Christians to devote time, energy, and money to.


    YES, GOD gave us free will in everything we do. He said you can either follow me or go another way in your life. I don't think he loves anyone any less for what choices one makes in their life. He never said that he would stop caring about us. He never was going to say that he wanted to watch one of us go through a rape and to have that child. This is hard on a woman who has been raped, it is one way making her deal with that fact that she gave birth to a child that she didn't want. If she has that child and gives it up for adoption that child will come and look for her, and then when that child finds out that they were a part of a rape they will feel even worst about themselves. No body ever wants to put the shoes on and think like a child of a rape victim.

  • The Christians Should Continue

    They should keep campaigning now, keep campaigning twenty years from now, and for a thousand years until abortion is outlawed. You talk about the woman's freedom. What about the baby's freedom? It's the woman's inconvenience compared to the baby's life. Besides, except in the rare case of pregnancy by rape, the woman intentionally engaged in an activity that carried the risk of pregnancy. She didn't have to, but she did. Not to say that the man's fault should be ignored.
    Then the average atheist will say that the baby isn't a person. Correction: it is a person who is at the earliest stage of development. He or she will become sentient, something that no animal has yet to achieve.
    The United States does not need population control. If a nation can give jobs to its growing population, this increased population would be an asset, not a burden. The United States can handle an increased population with little problem.
    Therefore, I encourage all Christians to keep campaigning for the lives of the unborn, and never give up. You will be slandered and labeled misogynist, you will be accused of "forcing your religion" upon others, but keep on campaigning nevertheless. Don't forget that many people who wanted to outlaw slavery had religious reasons. What would've happened if they decided not to "force their religion" upon others?

  • That is their right

    Of course they should not. Christians, like every citizen of our country, have a right to campaign against anything they don't agree with. Just because a law has been passed, doesn't mean it is right. We saw this in separate but equal, and the same type of decision may be made on abortions in the future. If they truly believe in the cause, they should keep with it.

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