• Yes, only to spite Islam.

    I am very pro Israel, pro Israel for non religious reasons, Israel being a secular governed state in a sea of barbaric Jihadists, i am no fan of any religion and do not judge individual people based on religion or color, but it is clear to me that many Islamic groups are stuck in Medieval times and wish to spread their enforced Sharia law to the west. I'm sure Christians would rather support the five million peaceful Jews living in Israel than the spread of over a billion Muslims.

  • Christians should support Israel

    Yes we as Christians, and anyone believing in God our creator, and in his son Jesus, is supposed to support Israel. God has stated this in his Holy Scriptures, the Bible. Who ever does not support Israel will suffer the wrath of God. People read your Bible. God said we should always stand behind Israel.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Christians must support their religious allies.
    Israel is a religious ally of Christianity in both tradition and value.
    Christians must support Israel.

    Suport for Israel is done do at the expense of Palestine.
    Palestinian leadership effectuates political ends by means of terror and unprovoked killing of innocents.
    Support for Israel means opposition to the tactics of Palestine.
    As such, it is not only that all christians should support Israel, but all people -religious or otherwise- who oppose terrorism, who support human rights and who defend western values should support Israel in opposition to Palestine, whose leadership's only goal is to kill Jews.

    Posted by: YYW
  • yes

    If you are a true christian you should care about every one no matter what their beliefs are. Israel has problems but it would be our jobs as christian to help the people that are there no matter if they are good or bad. They need help in one way or another.

  • Yes

    I think that God made all of us equal on the earth. So why should we not support anyone or just a country. Israel people where all made the same just like the Christians, all by God. Christians are to help one other not start a war with others, so they should support Israel.

  • Hey! Hey! Hey! I'm with Israel all of the way!!!

    I would support Israel because it is the only democratic county in the middle east, and if i were Israel, i would remove islamic influences in Israel, and i would try to re christianize the region and because I'm in Israel, there is no islamic laws or muslim authority or islamic religious police to protect them, so i pretty much got them vulnerable (in a good way), this will give me a chance to try and convert them to trinitarian Christianity so long as they are unarmed, and if they are then once they are captured and stripped from their weapons and holy books, I and a lot of other people can get to work and try to completely christianize as many Muslim as we can.

  • Religion of peace? Or of contradiction and irony?

    The real enemy of mankind is Islam! Israel is the only place in The Mid East where Women and children are allowed to flourish. Economic freedom, Scientist, Doctors, Entrepreneurs. And much more. I've never heard of any Jewish person bombing a city, or a building, I've never heard of Jews attacking journalists and reporters in their offices for drawing a cartoon, I've never heard of Jews, decapitating people for simply believing in another God, I've never seen jews marching in the st. Protesting against anyone or demonstrating hate towards anyone or holding posters that say behead those who offend Judaism, can you say the same thing about islam ? If no then this is enough for me.

    Posted by: RaDi
  • Israel is the safest place for Christians in that region of the world.

    Christians are persecuted throughout the Middle East, South East Asia and the continent of Africa. Israel is one of the few places where Christians are not being beheaded and churches are not being burned down. Israel has taken in many Christians refugees who have been purged out of their country.

    I feel sorry for the Palestinian Christians who are suffering from the bombing of the IDF. However, the Gaza strip is not huge like China or Russia. It is a little piece of land and the Palestinians know each other. They know who the members of HAMAS are and do nothing to try to stop them. HAMAS hides themselves among the civilians because they know that the civilians will not report them to the IDF. Therefore, Muslim or Christian, Palestinians who support HAMAS are guilty.

    Palestinian Christians who believe that they will be safer if HAMAS wins the war and Israel is destroyed are wrong. If HAMAS wins they will be just like ISIS in Iraq and burn down the churches in the Holy Land. Islamic militant groups have a set agenda to eradicate all forms of Christianity from the Muslim world.

    Above all , the Bible repeats over and over again that GOD will always take the side of his chosen people. The Jews and the Christians are the descendants of Isaic. The Muslims are the descendants of Ismael.
    The Holy Spirit said,“And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalam.” (Zechariah 12:9)

  • If you call yourself a christian you should know the bible and support israel

    Our common enemy is the religion of islam - which is a satanic religion.
    The anti- Christ religion. The mainstream christian is soo naive and sleeping not knowing what is going on in the middle east- Pray for revelation of the true Light to both muslims and jews. De Torah and the Gospels tell us about the same God - while the god from the Quran is a demon.!!!! The arab spring is a big mess---- and the future of the christians in the middle east is sad >>> There are mostly no christians left in the region , Only the christians in Israel can freely believe and attend their churches !!

  • Israel Needs Support

    Israel should have the support of Christians. Israel is in the middle of a hotbed and has tons of opposition. To ensure Israel does not fall into war, it needs support from Christians and we need propagate that we have no desire to take over there land because of it's religious importance.

  • Heck NO NEVER

    Israel is a aprtheid State! They don't allow rights to Arabs. They kill rape bulldoze houses and other horrible things in Palestine! NOT THE PEOPLE THE GOVERNMENT AND ARMY! This is why they voted for Hamas! They are angry at Israel. We should make peace but since Israel is keeping on doing this. Looks like the hate will still be there and they will use bigger rockets on them

  • No, they should not

    Augustine in his 'City of God' wrote that the kingdom of heaven and the endless rise and fall of earthly nations are two very separate things. I quote him because he understood the bible. NO man-made nation state can claim to be God's nation on earth. Even worse, the modern state of Israel has committed many atrocities in violation of God's law: "Love Your Neighbour". Does the bible say "flatten your neighbour's house and kill all their family?" And last but not least, Israel persecutes Arab Christians. A state which persecutes Christians should not be considered an ally of Christianity.

  • Israel is a Political State, Not a Religious One

    The fervor of Israelis to defend their territory is borne of the struggle between Jews and their enemies. However, Israel is a political unit and not a religious one. Christians need to support worthy religious causes and not necessarily a government bent on suppressing Palestinians. Israel is just as much to blame for Middle East violence as Palestinians. A recent vote on Palestinian statehood by the United Nations reflects the fact that Palestine is trying to peacefully coexist with the Israeli juggernaut.

  • No they should not.

    It is not a matter of religion, but of political importance. The current Israeli government is not abiding by UN rules so for Christians to support Israel would be like supporting a government like North Korea. This is an exaggeration, but the idea of supporting governments that go against world rules is not a good one.

  • No

    Christians are followers of Jesus Christ. When Jesus was on Earth he stated that he is "no part of this world." On several occasions crowds gathered to try and make him king. To which he avoided these crowds as he knew he would not get involved in human governments. Christians should give their support to God's Kingdom and remain politically neutral.

  • Modern Israel is NOT the true Israel

    Christ said you can judge a tree by its fruit. If the fruit is bad, the root is bad. Likewise, look at the fruit of modern Israel - killing, murdering, fanaticism, false flags, genocide. Is that the fruit of godlinesss? How can any Christian be so obtuse as to give their support for modern Israel? The fruit is bad, the tree is corrupt, therefore the root is evil. Many Christians are wise enough to realize that modern Israel has nothing to do with Christ and the church. They are not willing to take the issue to the logical conclusion: If modern Israel is not of God, then what does it represent? It is of Satan, the devil, and human sin. But the implications of this are more than many Christians can handle, so they choose not to face it.

  • The Israel of today is not the Biblical Israel

    In the Bible, the actual nation of Israel disbanded less than 2,000 years ago. The Israel of today is not composed of God's people, but rather a secular nation. As another user said, the covenant the Lord had with Israel ended with the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. The actual Biblical Israel of today is the church and body of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Israel today is not the Biblical Israel

    In the Bible, the Israel we see was dispersed because of their hard-heartedness and their disobedience to the Lord. The Israel of today is not composed of the Jews of and before the time of the Lord. The Lord's people today is not the nationa of Israel but the church and body of Christ.

  • Israel today is not the Biblical Israel

    In the Bible, the Israel we see was dispersed because of their hard-heartedness and their disobedience to the Lord. The Israel of today is not composed of the Jews of and before the time of the Lord. The Lord's people today is not the nationa of Israel but the church and body of Christ.

  • The Church is now Israel

    Israel's Covenant was fulfilled when Jesus died therefore the Jew is not one who is a Jew outwardly but one who is a Jew inwardly. If the Jews are still God's chosen people, then Jesus died for nothing. Anyone who supports Israel is flirting with Apostasy. There very flag is a 6-point star (666) the number of the Beast. Wake up Church!

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