• Of course they should.

    The Bible is a text that has provoke controversy among all, and rightly so. Some believe it to be the work of God, and some believe it to be the work of Man. However, The Bible was written FOR us, but not TO us. What I mean is that the Bible was written to the people that lived in the times that they were in. Now, the inhumane parts of the Bible aren't relevant anymore. What I mean is that if somebody just reads through Hebrews they'll see that the Old Covenant (Levitical Law, Animal Sacrifices, etc) was just a shadow of what was to come. The beauty of the new Covenant in Jesus Christ. See, in the New Covenant what makes people right with God is repentance of their sins and faith in Jesus Christ. That's it. For example, many find the animal sacrifice system abhorrent. However the point of the sacrifice system was to show the Israelites that whenever someone sins, somebody has to die. Get it? Either way, you also have to understand that the Bible contains a collection of stories that are Poetic, Allegorical, Historic, etc. Many Christian thinkers like Origen, Aquinas,etc advised against a literal interpretation of Genesis for example. Not because Genesis was "crazy" but because of the way it was written. I do believe the Bible is the Word of God, I also believe that one has to analyze how these different forms of literature work. Along with a good understanding of Hebrew. You need to stop listing these actions in the Old Testament as if they're still binding today. Read through Hebrews, or even Romans and you'll see what I mean. Also, the Bible's Old Testament laws towards slavery (One would argue that said slavery is more close to Indentured Servitude as opposed to race based life time ownership) were much kinder to slaves at the time then other cultures were. Also, the Bible condemns people that kidnap slaves btw.

  • This is an easy question to answer.

    You asked..., "Should CHRISTIANS truly follow the Bible?" The answer to this question you raised is a yes. If someone is a Christian, they should follow the Bible. If someone claimed to be a Christian and didn't follow the Bible, they would be a hypocrite. This is a pretty straightforward response, you think?

  • Yes and NO

    I know this was a set up question by someone who doesn't understand the historical,cultural nor the law in context of the Old Testament. The obvious understanding is that we follow God! What God commands in the bible is a moral law which he placed in hearts and revealed in scripture. He gave Israel and only Israel their law by the way the law that was given was not meant to be permanent [ Jeremiah 31:31 and Hebrews 8:7-11]. So The Christian has to follow God or he's not being a Christian.

  • The Bible Is (Partially) Cruel and Inhumane

    The Bible contains orders to kill all nonbelievers and to destroy the entire town (and kill all of its inhabitants) if other deities are worshipped there. Homosexual people are supposed to be stoned, as are people who commit adultery or sleep with a virgin that is to marry another man (and the virgin as well). In short, the Bible commands its followers to commit numerous atrocities against innocent people who merely have a different view of the world or do something they disagree with. Of course there is the other side of the Bible as well (love thy neighbour, turn the other cheek), but I would not advise literally following the entire Scripture.

  • Dangerous grounds if they did

    What a terrifying thought, following the bible in the literal sense would result in some rather nasty crimes taking place. In fact I'd dare to say some of the acts wouldn't look too far from ISIS in Iraq. It's bad enough they do cherry pick things they want to follow today which already result in hateful bigoted behavior.

  • No One Knows Its Origins

    It is asinine for Christians to follow the word of the Bible, especially in the cherry-picking and misunderstood ways that they do. And in some cases the Bible really does say horrible things that mandate horrible actions being imposed unto innocent people. I do not believe that the Bible really should be followed by the world's population of Christians. No one knows who wrote it, it certainly was not God.

  • As a Christian, follow God, not the Bible

    The problem with the Bible is that it's followed too literally by many people. The stories in the Bible weren't meant to be followed literally. It's like the parables of Jesus. We know the parables aren't true, but they have messages that we should follow. It's the same with the Bible. If we follow literally what the Bible says, the whole world would be messed up. Christians should use the Bible to get an idea of what we should do, but we should use other authorities as well. For example, the teachings of the Church should be used, as well as situation ethics and the conscience. People should do the right thing, and in the Bible, the things done in the stories are terrible. We should use the Bible as a guide, not a strict code.

  • Too many contradictions

    Christians say that homosexuality is wrong, yet the bible warns against heterosexual actions multiple times, but Jesus himself never actually warned against homosexuality.

    No one reads it anyway. For most Christians, its like one of those terms of agreement things on websites you need a membership for; most don't read it, they just click "I agree."

    If God gave you a brain, use it. Don't look up something in the book some people claim is holy. Find the answers for yourself in the mindset of a free thinker, and decide for yourself what is actually right and wrong.

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