Should Christmas be replaced with a secular holiday for all?

  • We should call the holiday, "Saturnalia"

    We celebrate by decorating a tree with fake fruit and putting it in our living room. We buy each other gifts and wrap them up but say they're from Santa Clause. We'll hang mistletoe and wreaths every where. Oh wait, it's already like that, and it's already called that too.

  • Why does Christianity get to dictate holidays?

    Just because many people do celebrate Christmas, does not mean it should be a national holiday. Most of the holidays are dictated by Christianity. Yes other religions have their own holidays, but they are not recognized nationally. Either we should have an equal mix of different religon based holidays including secular holidays, or we should equally distribute secular holidays through the year for everyone to enjoy. There is supposed to be separation of church and state, but this is clearly not true as it's proved time and time again. We don't celebrate the beliefs that this cuntry was built on by the Native communities, so why should Christianity, which was introduced much later be the only one celebrated?

  • I dont think that would work.

    Trying to replace Christmas with a secular holiday would not prove to be beneficial or in any sense wise. The true meaning of Christmas is actually a religious reason and anyone in that religion would be furious if it were replaced, as would other religions who have to do the secular holiday instead. This would never work unless every religion sees eye to eye, which will never happen.

  • Don't change a thing

    Many such as I dread the day Easter will not be celebrated or when the Christmas spirit vanishes. The crucial days of the year, which we have always celebrated, might not bring the hope and joy anymore. Many countries have already forbidden a few religious holidays; surname and France are among few of them. Christians are often blamed for overriding the previous Roman holiday in honor of the sun, and thus they have the right to trash Christmas and call it the word holiday. This argument became popular in the 17th century, when atheist, Puritans, Protestants, and Catholics were fiercely arguing. The Christians were falsely accused. The birth of the unconquered sun was not even celebrated as a Roman holiday until 354 AD; therefore nobody has the right to take this sacred joyous day of hope bearing away from a God praising established country. Sadly, in this country, which was founded on Christianity and therefore prospered, there are countless atheists as they call themselves. These atheists believe that there is no purpose for religion because there we already have morals and good value, hence we should abolish religion and trample it to non-existence. They may call themselves atheists but I call them confused people. These confuse people fill their minds and many books to occupy others’ minds with foolishness, which proves to bring them no more hope or joy. If they abolish religion then they abolish themselves. As Penn Jillette says; “Atheism is the absence of religion,” yet Penn doesn’t understand the definition of religion, which is an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group. I’m pretty sure atheism is a group with a strong belief and interest. (Merriam Webster) Nobody receives pure joy unless they have God in their hearts, and this happens every holiday where God is praised. Pure joy is and hope is what a depressed nation needs under such a brutal world.

  • Christmas does not need to be replaced.

    Christmas may not appeal to all people, but it does not need to be replaced or a new secular holiday concocted. Christmas should remain as it is for Christians who choose to celebrate it, and those who have other holidays or wish not to celebrate it should be free to do as they wish as well.

  • No, Christmas should not be changed.

    Christmas should be left exactly as it is. If those who don't celebrate want a secular holiday in December, they are free to create their own, but they should not take Christmas away from those who cherish and celebrate it each year. In addition, to abolish Christmas would be a violation of freedom of religion.

  • Christmas Should Stay As Is

    Christmas does not need to be replaced. People of other religions have holidays they celebrate, so there is no need to to try to make a more secular holiday. People love Christmas and there is a lot of people and companies that do not want to see it be replaced by something they are unfamiliar with.

  • No, because it is not that religious anymore.

    Christmas is what you make it. It does not have religious meanings for everyone anymore. For those who celebrate it that way, great. For those who celebrate it as a winter holiday to spend with family and spend money on gifts, great. Our world is too concerned with political correctness and that will just take one more thing away from us.

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