Should Christmas decorations come down before New Years?

  • Yes, because New Year's is just like enjoying summer

    People don't enjoy hot weather during the summer, because they think staying cool by the air conditioner is comfortable for them. So if they get to celebrate Christmas in July, why not let New Year's become a holiday for July 31 and August 1. Should New Year's just be for winter only?

  • Christmas is over stop turning the lights in

    The worst is when i still see christmas decorations out and lights turned on in late march and even into early april. Leaving them up too long looks bad. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Start the new year fresh

    Start the New Year fresh. We put them away before New Years eve so all the "bad luck" from the previous year does not follow us Into the New Year. It just makes the house nice and clean so going back to work is easier -- don't have to come home , see the decorations and know that I have more work to do in putting them away.

  • Yes, shouldn't bring the old into the new year

    Simple as the headline. The feeling is that you should leave the past in the past and shouldn't bring anything from the previous year with you into the new year. Of course that could be opening a can of worms, as you could extend that concept out in other ways that maybe aren't productive.

  • Just lighten up

    I don't like to see xmas lights lit after Newyears day but at the same time the week between xmas and newyears in my mind is still the holiday season as some people are off from work and relaxing so why not enjoy some lights and reflect on the newyear coming up

  • No, the holiday season has not ended.

    If you celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, the season culminates on the Feast of The Epiphany, 6 January (hence the Twelve Days of Christmas). Secularly, the year-end "Holiday Season" includes everything from Thanksgiving to New Year. Either way, the season isn't yet over come the 26th. Leave the decorations up!

  • Keep Them Up

    Christmas decorations need not come down before New Year's Day. One reason is that Christmas and New Years are each related, end of the year holidays. As such, the Christmas season is not really over until after New Year's Day. So it is perfectly acceptable to leave Christmas decorations up through New Years.

  • Not unless you have some special decorations to put in their place.

    The holiday season is a fun and festive time of year and no matter where you live winter can feel long and bitter. Seeing even a small wreath or garland can lighten the mood and make us feel warm and happy. As New years falls in December in the middle of winter there is no reason to not keep up these happy and welcoming sights.

  • Keep decorations up

    Christmas season does not end on December 26th. Christmas trees and holiday lights should stay up past New Years because the Holiday season ends after New Years day. Seriously with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, do we really need to worry about taking everything down in the five days after Christmas Day?

  • No, because the holiday season is not over until New Year's.

    I keep my Christmas decorations up until after New Year's Day. I like seeing the decorations up, even though Christmas is over. New Year's Day is the time for putting all of the decorations away and starting fresh for the new year. Keeping the decorations up just a little big longer keeps me in the holiday spirit.

  • No, Christmas decorations should not have to come down before New Years

    Christmas is a time of celebration. It's the central holiday of the season with Thanksgiving and New Years. And with only 7 days between the latter two, there is not reason that the celebration can't continue with festive decorations. In addition, many celebrate Orthodox Christmas which is not celebrated until January 7th, which would still be practical for the decorations to be up. I would rather see a postponement of the Christmas season not starting until after Thanksgiving rather than removing decorations before New Years.

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