• While I'm neutral, I'm more on yes

    To say he or Hitler is evil, when the English and Danish did far worse to their subjects than anything Spain or Holland or France did is just a complete lie and slander. Of course, Columbus killed people. It was survive or die when he settled there. Columbus is no different than the cowboys. Hitler is not worse than say Churchill or whoever was the prime minister of Denmark at the time.

  • Opening of the Americas

    The fact of the matter is that regardless of whether or not Columbus was a a moral man, or his estimates and predictions were correct, or his intentions were evil or good, he was still the explorer that opened up the Americas to the western world. Even though there had been previous explorers that had found the Americas, none of those discoveries were lasting and opened a whole section of the globe to another people. Quite simply, American history would not have been possible without Columbus. Without Columbus's initial discovery of the Americas, the freest nation the world has ever seen - the United States - would never have had an opportunity to exist. And for that reason, We must at least celebrate Columbus's discovery, even if we cannot appreciate him as a person.

  • He should, because it led to america!

    Now, without Christopher columbus, the world would still take couple of centuries before they found america. And in that time, america wouldn't be that america where the USA was strong enough to beat nazi germany. So this means that no Christopher columbus, no 1939 USA, and NO Nazi going to their doom. Know what i'm saying?

  • He is! Ok!!

    We need him or else we wouldn't know about the Americas. We would also not know about that the world is round not flat. Before him people thought the world is flat and there is no America. After him now people know that there is America and that the world is round. CRISTOPHER COLUMBUS IS A HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maybe, he should

    (first of all, excuse my english please ;). Of course he has not really discovered America, but what he has done was the single most important event in human history (according to Neil deGrasse Tysson). Christopher Columbus reunited the human species (accidentally). Up to that time mankind was splitted. He did something that everyone thought that it was impossible - to cross the Atlantic. Maybe he is not an American hero, but one of the Heroes of Humankind.

  • Columbus was a success

    While he didn't discover the New World per se, he brought it to the attention of Europe Proper. He may have been a bit unhinged, but everybody's got some fatal flaw. Leif Erikson was the original discoverer of America, dubbing it Vinland, but his colonists died by hostile Indians. Also, Columbus didn't walk up on some utopia. He walked on a group of tribes on the edge of starvation. They hadn't discovered the wheel, or invented a system of writing. The Caribs loved to eat people, eventually driving the Arawak and Siboney north. So life was not pretty in those parts.

  • He is a hero

    Even if he did do some "bad" things, in that era that was normal. The world wouldn't be as we know it today without him. Without him, they wouldn't have known that the world was round instead of flat. He spread religion, and discovered many new islands. I think he is a hero

  • Christopher Columbus is a hero for many reasons.

    If he hadn't discovered America we might not be here today. Also if he didn't discover America we might be slaves in Europe or something like that. I also think he is a hero because history textbooks and adults tell you he is a hero. I think he is a hero for many many reasons.

  • He is a hero regardless.

    I believe is a hero because,Christopher Columbus discovered the Europeans and after discovering the europeans he made a new trade route by sailing the Atlantic Ocean , AND he had support by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.I think that he predicted stuff correctly.However it was unnecessary for him to torture the natives when he discovered the 'New World'.Christopher also struggled through time under his Voyages.

  • He cannot be held to modern day moral standards.

    What he did in the late 15th century and early 16th was considered normal or typical at the time. The monarchs of Spain didn't even believe that the native Americans were people. Although he did ultimately cause the death of several cultures, he was unaware of these consequences when he did them.

  • No, he's not.

    - His intentions weren't to discover the Americas (which were already discovered by Leif Ericcson and others), or to prove the Earth was round (Which has already been proven long ago, and despite popular belief, even the Bible says the Earth is round.)

    - He thought that the Carribean was the Spice Islands. He eventually realized that this was the Americas, but even on his third visit, he still thought he was somewhere close to India or China.

    - He only landed in the West Indies and in South America. He never sat foot on the continent of North America, and he has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH THE UNITED STATES!

  • America's Most Overrated Hero

    Despite Christopher Columbus being a part of our pop culture, Lil Christopher has been given way too much credit than is already given. How so? Let's start off with the fact that his entire voyage was a complete mistake. He was originally supposed to go to India when in fact, he discovered America. As a "Heroic Explorer" he fails. Mistakes like that should not be considered heroic. For all we know, he could have ended up on the Bermuda Triangle and be lost at sea. As for him discovering the land itself, his job also was to report his findings and what he found was a group of individuals that would be perfect to be exploited for the British Elite Monarch. He is an explorer at best but no hero. It really phases me how this is a American Holiday.

  • He was NOT a hero!

    I believe that Christopher Columbus is a villain. He first came to Latin America in search of a new route to India. He instead landed in Latin America and new it, But tricked his crew into thinking that they were in India, Otherwise he would have a mutiny on his hands, Where he would most likely end up dead. He then went to the Native Americans living there and took their resources, Their land, And then enslaved them. His brutal mistreatment of them was no doubt lead the way for more settlers to continue his brutal mistreatment. He then elected himself "governor" (more like dictator) of the settlement their in which he did not respect or give any power to the monarchs in Spain (Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand). He put inhuman rules in place which resulted in killing of his own settlers. Queen Isabella, Disgusted with Columbus, Sent in a replacement for him and he came back to Spain in chains. He became under house arrest for the rest of his life until his death, Where he was laid to rest in an unmarked grave, The location is unknown.

  • If Hitler had WON, he too would be viewed as a HERO today!

    It's extremely difficult for us Americans of European descent to see Columbus as the villain that he clearly WAS, when we are the ones who have inherited two whole continents that he still stole from those who had discovered and populated them millenia before he was born.
    So much needs to be said about this that I've created a great website to do it called http://ColumbusNoHero.

  • Columbus was an ***

    Christopher Columbus did not discover America- the Native Americans did. And even then, Leif Erickson was the first European to discover America. Columbus stole from the natives, killed them, destroyed their homes, and then went back to Spain and lied to get more supplies. Eventually he was brought back in chains- but then he was released and died rich at his estate. He was a cruel, greedy man who doesn't deserve any recognition besides being the "second European to find America, who was also a dick"

  • Colombus didn't even find the U.S. Cabeza De Vaka deserves to be considered a hero instead.

    Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaka should be the one considered the hero. He was the first European truly in U.S. Territory America, and he actually treated the natives very kindly. He learned their ways, and taught them to the Europeans. Sadly Cabeza was forgotten by many, and instead we only think about the alcoholic, belligerent, and stupid Colombus

  • Not worth a holiday!

    What did he do that was so heroic? Absolutely Nothing. Nothing worth applauding. We should reserve national holidays for people who actually deserve them. He didn't even discover this land! Schools need to stop teaching children lies iust to save money on getting new corrected textbooks printed or due to laziness.

  • He was wrong!

    Hero for what? Discovering land that was already discovered? Naming it wrong? The only reason we have this discussion is because we have told ourselves and our children the lie that he discovered America for so long that we are struggling with the truth. Check out a guy named Amerigo Vespucci.

  • NO

    The man brought the attention of North and South America to Europe by accident. Somebody else very likely would have found it, so him discovering it for Europe was hardly anything to praise in terms of skill.

    Aside from that, the man basically went on a rampage against the people that had already been here for thousands of years. I am not going to say that the Native Americans were saints or subscribe to the noble savage theory, but I am going to say that Columbus was hardly what we would consider a hero in the modern age.

  • He is a VIllain

    Christopher Columbus should be considered a cold hearted villain. He enslaved dozens of natives, just to be rejected by Queen Elizabeth. He also killed man people, innocent people to be exact. Therfore, I believe Columbus is a villain. And there are s thousand more ways to prove that he is.

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