Should chromosome therapy be given funding by the federal government?

  • Advancements in this area would change everything

    Everyone will suffer from some sort of genetic problem in their lifetimes. The very certainty that a human who lives long enough will develop cancer is proof of that. Gene and chromosome therapy coupled with regenerative medicine can solve any medical problem. Dwarfism, blindness, transgender and intersex, basically every nasty "incurable" syndrome, fertility issues, and so on could all be gone. Some people would say the initial investment is high. The savings reaped by CURING (not just treating) nearly every disease is going to be far greater.

  • There is so much to gain

    There is so much to be gained by gene therapy that there needs to be more scientific research into it, and there should be more research regardless of how it comes about. The government does many things inefficiently, but funding of science projects is not one of them, and too little is invested today.

  • Yes, but in moderation

    Yes, chromosome therapy should be funded. At a time when we are in financial crisis, the "powers that be" need to consider it along with other research. If chromosome therapy has the potential to help cure or alleviate cancer and other genetic defects or ailments, it's worth researching. I'm not sure if single gene disorders are "cheaper" to study than multiple gene disorders, but it's all worthwhile.

  • All Forms of Modern Medicine Deserve Further Study

    Chromosome therapy is one possible medical breakthrough that can help patients with genetic disorders that otherwise would have no hope for a cure. The federal government should give funding to viable firms who want to look into advancing chromosome therapy as a way to cure certain diseases. If the role of government is to protect its citizens, then chromosome therapy is one way to achieve that goal.

  • No it should not

    No, chromosome therapy should not be given funding by the federal government. People who are ill should just pay for their procedures that need to be done. There has already been plenty of studies to prove the effectiveness of chromosome therapy, and the government should not have to pay for more research.

  • We do not have socialized medicine.

    No, chromosome therapy should not be funded by the federal government, because the federal government should not be picking which diseases should be given taxpayer-funded treatment, and which diseases should be allowed to let suffer. Chromosome therapy should be paid for by insurance companies, or from high-risk insurance pools for people who need the treatment.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-26T20:27:00.930
The so-called "national debt" Alone is Over $18 TRILLION, & Going Up.
They're not only BANKRUPT, but Way in the Red.
They Have Virtually ZERO $ For Anything Whatsoever.
Politicians all over the world are also having Very Severe Budget Problems.

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