• Universal Health Care

    I believe chronic care should fall on the universal health care system that the government has set up, so essentially, yes it is the burden of the taxpayer instead of the individual. There are problems with our current system and it has barely started up, but in the future I think it is important for people to remember that health care is something every single person deserves.

  • No, chronic care should be the burden of the individual.

    I do not think that chronic care is something that should be the burden of the taxpayer. I think that the individual who needs the chronic care should be responsible for their own treatments. I think that placing such a burden on the taxpayers is unfair for everybody in a Democratic society.

  • This is not what we pay taxes for.

    Chronic care is essentially the point of warehousing people who are too sick to be a part of society. If there's one thing that we do horribly wrong in this country, it's warehouse people. They're not commodities, and should not be treated as such. Leave this care up to the individual through their insurance companies.

  • Supplemental care for chronic condition is a societal problem.

    People can be judged for the way that they treat their elders and the ill. Anyone that needs help, deserves help but that doesn't mean that they don't need to help themselves. There needs to be a system in place to get people off taxpayer aid and on their own feet.

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