Should Chuck Hagel be confirmed as Secretary of Defense?

  • Yes, Hagel is the best qualified

    Not only does Hagel have extensive experience with both the Armed Services committee and as a soldier, his ideas are a welcome breath of fresh air. The Neo-Con and Neo-Lib monopoly on defense has created a bloated DOD more concerned about providing civilian work projects than defending our nation. In addition Hagel's philosophy of letting other nations pay for their own defense and not involving America into hopeless open-ended wars of nation-building is the correct one. It the first step to controlling the current state of out of control foreign spending and healing the ill-will much of the globe has towards us. America should be the champion of liberty everywhere, but guarantor of ours alone.

  • It Should Be Hagel's Job

    Chuck Hagel should be confirmed as the Secretary of Defense. He is the best candidate for the job and very much qualified. He is also more qualified than any of the other people that have been mentioned or thrown their name in for wanting the job. It should be Hagel's job.

  • Yes, we need change!

    I am personally sick of the war, and it would be nice to Chuck Hagel as secretary of defence because he does not support the war. He seems like he is good at money management and that would help the American economy get out of this depression. He also does not support the war with Iran so that would help with money and save lives.

  • Yes, we need a calm person in charge.

    It will be a breath of fresh air to have a Secretary of Defense that does not support war or the war hawks in Congress. We need people in charge that spend tax payer money wisely and do not risk the lives of young Americans frivolously. I support Chuck Hagel's position to not go to war with Iran and believe he is good choice of Secretary of Defense.

  • God No.

    It should be the role of the Senate to keep idiots, like Hagel, out of the cabinet. This idiot would degrade our alliance with Israel and let one of the most reactionary and unstable countries in the world obtain a nuclear weapon. Isolationists like him deserve no spot in the Pentagon when the world is in such an unstable condition.

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