• Yes, Chuck Hagel is a good choice for Secretary of Defense.

    Chuck Hagel in experienced as a business executive and as a politician. He has served as a senator in the United States Congress. He knows his way around Washington D.C. Mr. Hagel also served in Vietnam with the U.S. Army during the war as an enlisted man. Military experience is useful for a Secretary of Defense.

  • Hagel Should Get The Job

    I would not have a problem with Chuck Hagel being Secretary of Defense. Hagel is definitely qualified for the job. He has done very well in his current position as the Chairperson of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board and was a good Senator in Nebraska. He definitely has my support.

  • Yes, Chuck Hagel should be Secretary of Defense

    Yes, I think Chuck Hagel should be Secretary of Defense. I believe that he can't do any worse than anyone else.

    He is well equipped for such a position and I don't know of any reason that he would not be a great Secretary of Defense. He has proven to have his own voice and not be swayed by the popular vote.

  • Absolutely not, his nomination means Israel's destruction.

    This man is an Anti-Semitic, Iran sympathizer. Obama SPECIFICALLY picked him for this. Chuck Hagel is the death of Israel if passed. This is a spit in the face of the Jewish people, no, ALL people.

    You're Jewish. Jesus was Jewish. Mary and Joseph were Jewish. King David was Jewish. By way of Abraham, through Ishmael and Esaw, Muhammed, prophet of Islam is Jewish. Adam and Eve were Jewish. God is Jewish. Judaism is the first religion, 5000+ years old. Christianity only started 2000 years ago, when a sect of Jews split to follow Jesus after his death. Islam is only 1400 years old. Show some respect. We are brothers and sisters by blood and by God.

    Hagel can only bring about the complete destruction of Israel. Obama has been proven to despise Israel. I quote "Israel has no idea what's in their best interest", that came out of Obama's mouth. Oh, but giving F-16's to dictator Egypt without Congressional approval, High Treason punishable by death, that's fine. I'm a Jew as well, and the rest of you Jews betray our God for even supporting this abomination of a president or Hagel.

  • Chuck Hagel is an Iranian Sympathizer

    Senator Chuck Hagel supports direct talk with the terrorist group Hamas, who launches attacks on Israeli civilians on an almost daily basis. He is anti-Israel and blames American support for Israel on the "Jewish Lobby" and refused to sign a letter of support for Israel. It is clear from these and other actions that he supports Iran's cause, and that is dangerous not only for Israel but for America as well.

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