• Double Taxation is Still Wrong

    If churches are no longer tax exempt, then a few things would/should happen.

    First, all non-profits should no longer be tax exempt, since they all exist for similar reasons.

    Church's income comes primarily from its members donating money through weekly/monthly/yearly contributions. This fact leads into my second point:

    Second, the money contributed to churches would be double taxed. The money would be taxed as part of a person's income tax (which under the current law it still is) and then it would be taxed as part of the church's "income." This would legally be wrong, if nothing else.

    If churches are no longer tax exempt, then the tax code would have to be rewritten so that the church's money is not double taxed, at the very least.

  • Yes, I think churches should be exempt from taxes.

    Churches are non-profitable and provide a great deal of spiritual and other services to a community, I think overall they should be exempt from paying taxes and I think nobody would ever be able to successfully get enough support to be able to pass any legislation to strip them of this exemption

  • Churches are charitable organizations that elevate their respective communities.

    The mission of virtually all churches is to spread and share the love of Jesus Christ. Churches serve as food banks, homeless shelters, and refuges for those in distress. Their work is contributes to the greater good of their respective communities and should not be taxed. There is no guarantee that the tax money that would go to the government would come back to the community. Governments are very popular for corruption and scandals whereby tens of thousands of tax dollars are wastefully thrown away. If this money was given to churches, there would be visible and much more immediate benefits to the community.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I believe the theory of giving churches a tax-free status was a good idea, but I feel like it is being taken advantage of. For that reason, I think we would be better off to stop these tax exemptions and make churches pay taxes. Maybe we could limit it to churches who collect above and beyond a certain amount, but personally I'm tired of seeing all of these preachers and different churches pop up that don't really seem legit.

  • What's fair is fair

    Churches should not be exempt for taxes. Religions should not be exempt from what everyone else has to pay. We have separation of church and state, they should not get a special treatment because they believe in a high being. If I have to pay taxes and Wal-Mart has to pay taxes, churchs should have to pay taxes.

  • Churches are a business like any other.

    Churches should not be exempt from taxes. They earn income just as any other business. They just provide the business of religious education and more importantly hope. Schools have to pay taxes. They just teach a different kind of knowledge, and provide a different kind of hope. Schools provide hope of a good job and use statistics to evaluate results. The church relies entirely on faith for their results. That's the only difference. They both sell a dream.

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