Should churches be forced to perform gay marriage?

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  • This is why legalizing gay marriage is a problem

    I think they should have the right to civil partnerships. I don't believe in the medieval ways of stoning people who may not have our opinions. But I do have an issue with legalization because I don't think churches should be forced to have gay men married. It's not that I hate them, it's just it's an issue. Churches have a right to not agree with what gay men do.

  • Churches cannot condone sin.

    God made marriage to be between one man and one woman. Anything other than it is morally wrong and therefore not appropriate for a church setting. This is a free country I don't condone gay marriage but I'll tolerate so long as you don't force Christians to comply with the LGBT agenda.

  • Churches have rights

    If gay people wont stop being gay for society and for God then why should chuches marry gays for society and for gays. Think about it. It would go aginst the LGBT belif to stop their form of love. And that's why they keep on with that love. It would go against churches belif if they marry gay couples so that's why we don't. If they have rights then churches should too

  • No, absolutely not

    I would no more expect a Catholic to force a protestant church to perform a marriage ceremony for them or a Muslim temple to perform a Christian wedding. A church or denomination can pick a chose because they are private entities and businesses. The only thing that should be legally pushed is the right to marry. Marriage is a dual institution - religious and civil and only one is needed for legality. One doesn't need a religious ceremony to have a marriage but one must have the civil paperwork. A consenting adult should be able to any other consenting adult legally without regard to race, ethnicity, culture, religion, or gender - that is simply a constitutional right.

  • This Should not be Included

    While I generally support gay rights this should not be included. There are denominations of protestant Christianity that support gay marriage (such as ELCA like I am part of). However, if a church does not support gay marriage it should not be forced on them. That begins to tread into Freedom of Religion.

  • Marry at home

    Did you know that you can marry in non-church places. Home and various places that except that sort of thing. Or you could just skip the big ceremony and just have a party.Or no party. Churches should be allowed to choose who they provide their wedding services to. I'm glad that so far no one has said yes to this question.

  • Because marriage is not inherently religious

    Any religion should be able to discriminate against whoever they want in their church, that is their religious freedom. But you don't need a church to get married, because the marriage that gays are asking for is a marriage license, it has nothing to do with the wedding ceremony. Obviously it would be nice if religions accepted homosexuality, but 'gay marriage' doesn't mean anything religious. No one is asking for a church to be forced to perform marriages, and churches shouldn't be forced to break whatever rules they believe. Get married in a court house.

  • No, they should not

    Lets be honest a church is a place that is optional to attend, and to attend you have to obey their rules. Any club has rules to belong to that club. In the same way churches do not have to marry homosexuals if they do not want. To take the analogy further Churches should also have zero effect on governmental policy trying to ban gay marriage as society is not their club.

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