Should Churches be Legally Required to Marry Gay Couples?

Asked by: stschiffman
  • Give them enough rope

    Yes, because if churches are forced to do this, it means SJW's are running the country. If churches are forced to do this, they will rebel against the government and society will fragment. The liberals will be blamed for quite possibly many years .So go ahead and force the churches to marry gays so that we can destroy PC for generations to come. Give them enough rope to hang themselves by.

  • Such hype .

    There is no reason to ring this fear bell. No church is being forced to do anything. This is nothing more than reactionary fear-mongering.

    Get a grip Christians ( and others ). You can excludes gays till Jesus comes back.
    . . . . . . . . . .

    Posted by: TBR
  • Freedom of religion

    Do not force your morals on them and force them to go against their religious and personal beliefs. I am for gay marriage. Still, I believe that churches should have the right to opt out of marrying a gay couple if it goes against their beliefs. Got to another church to get married.

  • Absolutely, positively not.

    Those progressives who always go about preaching tolerance and acceptance should start exercising a little bit of it. A county clerk was willing to be imprisoned because she was so morally conflicted about the concept of now having to compromise her long-held religious beliefs, and all the left offered up was a whole lot of apathy.

  • They Have Rights

    If it's their church, it should be them and only them who decide how to run in. In our society, those who claim for freedom are the very same who want to force others to do what they don't want to to.

    Respecting God's wishes is not homophobia; homophobia is actively hating gays, not simply asking them to marry somewhere else.

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