• Churches Make Revenue and Should Be Taxed Accordingly

    First of all, Many churches make money just like any other business but they have special treatment as an unearned nonprofit. Secondly, Many churches (especially mega-churches) defy many rules for tax-exempt services, Such as supporting specific politicians or political parties. Thirdly, Tax exemption is a form of subsidization, Which violates the separation of church and state. Fourthly, This enables mega-church pastors to become wealthy at the expense of the irreligious taxpayer.

  • This is coming from an atheist

    How exactly are they gonna tax them they run strictly on donations and they have given so much in charity. . . How the hell are you gonna tax them? Plus where is the money gonna go? Helping others? Church was already doing that, More government programs? Hah we’ve had enough of those failed programs, Hospitals to help fight covid? Yea right. Government needs to lower taxes for everyone and I mean EVERYONE. Middle class, Rich people, Small businesses, Poor people. Everyone and we need to cut spending and government programs that are already ruled illegal (like nsa surveillance). We need to have a low flat tax and I mean VERY low so government doesn’t get too much money. And they need to get bezos to pay up too

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