Should churches discourage belief in Santa Claus?

  • Christians don't uphold lies

    A church is supposed to be the house of God. And God is not the author of confusion or lies. The belief in Santa Claus is a lie that stems from another lie: Christmas itself, in stating that Jesus was born on the 25t day of December. There is no Bible reference for Christmas, which constitutes it as being a lie and therefore anything stemming from a lie would be more lies. If a church goes along with these lies, then they become part of the cycle: liars. And all liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire.

  • Thou shalt not lie!

    Plain and simple. Stop lying and encouraging it, especially in church. Christmas is a pagan tradition that was adopted by Christians who married pagans. You can't walk with Jesus and the devil simultaneously. And encouraging the celebration at church is wrong. Besides, it's not Jesus` birthday anyway! If you want to know what's right, read your kjv bible. And then you will see the feasts and traditions that Jesus did partake in. He gave us the perfect examples to follow.

  • Stop With Santa

    I believe, as Americans, we have completely destroyed our holiday season. Thanksgiving has been handed over the retail stores, who have now made it logical for all the restaurants to open, leaving fewer and fewer people able to celebrate Thanksgiving. Christmas is even worse because it's turned into a field day of gift wrapping and ripping open all in the name of...well, not even Jesus, anymore. I have never told my son that Santa Claus was real, but he sure has that idea and he brought it home from the storea and his school. I would rather the whole Santa Claus thing disappear.

  • Yes they should

    And to be fair Santa Claus should discourage belief in real churches , everyone knows Santa is real so I think he should spill the beans on whats really behind real churches. There is something strange about them church people all gathering together, imagine trying to discourage belief in Santa who next God,

  • The church is the pillar of truth

    In 1 Timothy 3:15, Paul says that the church is "the pillar and support of the truth." Santa Clause (at least the contemporary myth of Santa Clause) is not true, so churches should discourage their members from spreading this falsehood. Otherwise, it undermines the praxis of the church, which is to support and uphold truth.

  • Of course not

    No Santa? It is all good fun.Kids enjoy believing in something. It is also a great way to make the kiddies behave themselves. It is great to watch their little faces light up on x-mas day with all of the presents. Anyway, churches incourage believing in this god character, so why not Santa?

  • Did you believe?

    Why take the magic of christmas off children, they is enough misery in this world so why dump on a mythical character which brings joy. As children did you believe, and if so did it damage you as a person or can you look back now and say honestly yes they are good memories.

  • No, churches should not discourage a belief in Santa Claus.

    Churches should encourage a belief and a relationship with God. They should not discourage a belief in Santa. Believing in Santa have nothing to do with belief in God. The two are not mutually exclusive, and a child's belief in Santa is none of the church's business. Therefore, they should stay out of it, and allow parents to make their own decision regarding Santa.

  • Santa is just for fun.

    I think their is no reason to discourage beliefs in santa. It is for the joy you see in a child's eyes on Christmas. When a child is young they really aren't old enough to understand the whole meaning of Christmas. I am a christian and I believe Santa is a symbol of the Christmas spirit. I also teach my children about Jesus and the real reason for Christmas.

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