Should churches discourage the belief in Santa Claus?

  • Santa is fake

    The homie is fake. If anyone were to say that he is real, then they need some serious evaluation. Telling children that Santa is real would be equivalent to telling them that gOD is real, which in the same sense, is asinine. The only thing that shouldn't be taught more in church than Santa, is gOD.

  • Santa Claus Based on St. Nicholas

    Christian churches shouldn't discourage the belief in Santa Claus since the figure is based upon the real-life St. Nicholas. Protestant churches may not encourage the belief in Santa Claus since St. Nicholas is a Catholic saint. However, Catholic churches should readily embrace the legend of Santa Claus since he came from Catholic lore.

  • Santa Claus promotes good behavior

    Churches represent kindness and good will in midst of devotion to any number of gods. The common thread here being kindness and good will. Santa gives you toys if nice and coal if naughty. Parents use Santa as kind of a saint for children to respect, love, and behave good for. Why would a church discourage teaching children worship and kindness?

  • Why on earth should they?

    In actuality, the argument for Santa Claus being real is justified: He is the immortal spirit of St. Nicholas, who is, in a way, the patron saint of gift-giving. Churches shouldn't waste their time trying to tell children that Santa isn't, in fact, a living being - they have better things to do. Let kids be kids and think their presents come from a jolly old man with bifocals and a long white beard. Let parents be parents and ensure the children realize on their own terms. I don't see any reason to think that this system should be changed and discouraged. It's tradition. Churches shouldn't get in the way of it.

  • Churches Should Not Discourage The Belief of Santa

    We should leave Santa alone. It would not make sense for the church to discourage the belief of Santa Claus. Santa is a mythical character that was created to add excitement to the Christmas holiday. I think it is fine for kids to believe in Santa and for parents to play along.

  • No They Shouldn't

    There is no reason why churches should discourage the belief in Santa Claus. It's still a very fun tradition for children to participate in and believe. And believing in Santa Claus while later learning he's not real doesn't really affect belief in God. I don't think churches should play any role in this actually, it should be up to the parents.

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