• My church ideals should be mixed with the government

    Here are 3 arguments

    Gay marriage-It is unnatural for humans to be gay. Homosexual people can always have sexual relations with one another, but marriage is something sacred.

    Law of chastity-Porn isn't ok and definitely shouldn't be able for small children to view via internet

    Structure- My church ideals would benefit society. They would make people better people.

  • As far as Christianity goes...

    There is a practice of free will, but we are given a righteous path and corrupted path. Each will lead to good or bad consequences. Again, as far as Christianity goes it never has forced it's views on society, but there have been individuals who have tried to force their views on society. Just as individuals from other beliefs have done or doing, so it would be unfair to subject any religion to that standard. Individuals aren't the church.
    Christianty just offers its beliefs as a better way to live; furthermore, we have seen unity brought together through churches' beliefs by an individual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When he united Buddhist, Islam, Catholic, and Judaism together after his Beyond Vietnam Speech. It's about coming together not separating apart.

  • Not what we're founded on

    While we're all aware separation of church and state isn't actually practiced, we could at least pretend it is. Religions aren't supposed to impact how this country is governed, if churches are heavily involved in politics then that simply isn't happening. They should have less influence then they have now, not more.

  • No, they should not

    I do not believe that churches should play a role in politics. Churches should be for spiritual enrichment and for providing help to their communities. Also, it is an important part of our country that there is separation between church and state. Churches are important, but do not have a place in politics.

  • Church should stick to what they were made to do

    There are many different religions and it is unfair to take all the different religions to make them all follow christian government. Also it leads the country unbiased;you should have politicians who know what they are talking about compared to the catholic church where they don't know a lot about politics so maybe we should leave that to politicans

  • This country was founded on Seperation of church and State.

    The only way that each individual is allowed the right to practice their own individual belief is if religion stays out of political affairs. If religions become political, which many of them blatantly are, it becomes domination by the wealthiest and largest-basically we no longer stay a Democracy. Other people's religious views become embedded into our laws, an example is Woman's Private Health care decions. I believe, as a Country we look very stupid when we go into the Middleast supposedly to protect democracy, when the tea party doesn't seem to know what it is here.

  • No. No. No.

    Absolutely not! Church is a religion, it is a company to provide a sense of faith to the followers, it is not a political ideology in any way. In this case, gay marriage should be decided by Constitution, not by the Church. Merging churches with politics, the world would tumble upside down.

  • No, no, no.

    Although I am a Christian, I don't think it's the Church's role to be involved in politics. Once we begin to mix politics with religion, bad things happen. Think about Hitler....... He gained much support during his time from the Christian Church in Germany because he was able to combine his "patriotism" with their religious views and say that God wants Germany to be great. Let's talk about the ancient Egyptians and their religiously charged state, in which they enslaved thousands of people to serve their empire; it became a society of "them" and "us." Let's mention the ancient Roman Empire and how religiously mixed that government was; there was the brutal persecution of Christians during that time because the Christian way of worship did not match the religious traditions of the Romans, so they grew "suspicious." Let's talk about the three Holy Crusades, every single one of those wars was murder of non-Christians in order to take back the Holy City of Jerusalem; from my understanding, the "religious Christians" at the time were the complete aggressors of that campaign, with the justification being that God wants them to do it. So, religion and government is a bad idea, but people do become "religious" with their political ideas. So, it's more of an invention of man to "religion-ize" everything, and it could be anything. In my opinion, when it comes to religion, I see some democrats and republicans fitting into that religious category as well. The republican says all things democrat is bad. The democrat says all things republican is bad. I think that's a pretty shallow way to look at things (for anything). I'll put it like this, what person or institution is perfect? If we say none is perfect, then how can we really choose a side? But, yeah.........Religion and government together?......Bad.

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