Should churches on prime pieces of real estate have to pay property tax, especially in cash-strapped cities?

  • Yes they should have to pay property tax.

    Churches can not exist without the land they have taken over. They should be required to pay property tax to the cities and ordinances they reside on. Just because they are a religious organization does not waive them of this right that every other business and citizen is required to pay.

  • Why do they get special treatment in the first place?

    Churches should have to pay property taxes no matter where the church is. Property taxes is something every individual and business pays. Churches are establishments just as much as Wal-mart. Furthermore, if I worship god in my home, it doesn't make my home special and exempt me from property taxes.

  • No they should not

    I do not think that under any circumstance that a church should ever have to pay property tax. Churches are non-profit places, and since they are only out to help others and provide for the less fortunate I do not think that it would make any sense to ever force them to pay taxes.

  • No, I don't think churches on prime pieces of real estates should have to pay property tax.

    The vast majority of churches in the United States are tax exempt entities and don't have to pay anything, I think that while it is controversial I think that churches do provide much benefit to society in forms of aid and other community driven events, I don't think the laws should be changed to force churches to pay tax.

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