Should CIA Director David Petraeus have stayed on instead of resigning?

  • Yes, he should have stayed.

    David Petraeus had an indiscretion which made us trust him less. On the other hand, many in positions like his have had such issues. I am not sure that he should have resigned because he was such a capable person and had fulfilled his role very well before this happened.

  • Petraeus Should Have Remained in Position

    CIA Director David Petraeus should have remained in his post despite his scandal. While such a scandal shed a bad light on him, it didn't impair his ability to perform his duties correctly. Petraeus was a fantastic CIA director and could have helped our country in many more ways in the coming years.

  • Petraeus was Bad General, Worse Spy Chief

    Former Gen. David Petraeus should have never been CIA director because of his bad record in the Iraq War and in Afghanistan. Petraeus underestimated sectarian violence in Iraq and underestimated the influence of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Certain NSA electronic spying programs thrived under his watch as CIA chief. Instead, Petraeus' extramarital affairs doomed his career. Did his affair affect his job? Probably. Hopefully no terrorists got away while he was in bed with his mistress.

  • Of Course Not

    David Petraeus's actions directly violated select UCMJ codes that everyone else in the military has to follows and are prosecuted with, if the military chooses to do so. If David Petraeus stayed in his position, it would have sent a clear and direct message to all of the military that he does not play by the same rules as everyone else.

  • CIA Director David Petraeus should have resigned

    CIA Director David Petraeus should have resigned. This gives him a chance to get out of the public spotlight. I do not understand his reasoning for resigning on Friday but he is ashamed of having an affair. I think what you do in your own time should be your own business. However, maybe this will give him a chance to restore his trust into his family.

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