• It kills us slowly

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  • Cigarette smoking should be outlawed

    Smoking is a trap that many people fall for. When someone smokes, nicotine enters their lungs which makes people want to come back for more. When nicotine enters the lungs, it makes tiny little cuts, which, over time makes it easier for people to have lung problems. Smoking should be outlawed because it is harming the people in our society. Also, some people that are homeless will try to scrounge up money for cigarettes instead of trying to save it for trying to get out of poverty.

  • Yes, cigarettes are slow poison

    society does not let four-year-olds play with guns. Why does it allow fourteen-year-olds
    to walk down the street smoking? Cigarettes kill, as surely as guns do. In
    fact, cigarettes kill slowly and painfully, at great cost to the victim, his or
    her family, and society as a whole. Deadly poisons must be kept away from innocents,
    not sold to them for money.

  • Cigarette smoking should be banned.

    Yes, cigarette smoking should be outlawed. The health risks are well-known by now. Unfortunately, I am personally addicted to cigarettes, but if they would have been banned prior to my being born, chances are I wouldn't have this crippling addiction. The health care costs associated with smoking are very high, and are somewhat of a burden on the system.

  • Its peoples choice

    No, cigarette smoking should not be outlawed. Even if it was outlawed, people would still do it anyway. Also, people know what smoking is doing to their bodies, and they know that it is slowly killing them, and increasing their chances of disease, and they are making their own choice.

  • Cigarette smokers have rights too

    I do not believe in prohibition. It did not work with alcohol, the war on drugs is useless and we are loosing the war completely. Although cigarettes kill thousands a year to outlaw them will just cause a black market for them to be sold, untaxed, not regulated, and lets not count the countless prisoners in our jails and prisons or on some type of probation for having tobacco. We need to treat adults like adults. If you want a no smoking establishment, it should be your right as a business owner to have one. If you want a smoking business or allow smokers into your home, that is a choice each individual above the age of 18 should be able to make, just as those who want a smokeless environment can have their own sets of rules for their personal space. Regulating cigarettes on Military Bases or having them around small children I can see that but not a total outlaw on cigarettes completely, it would never work and cause more unnecessary problems.

  • Cigarette smoking should not be outlawed.

    I think cigarette smoking is gross and I choose to stay away from people that are smoking and places that allow smoking. However, I do not think it should be outlawed. People should be able to choose whether or not they want to engage in the habit of smoking. I do not think smoking should be allowed in certain public places and events to respect the health of those that do not want to be around cigarette smoke.

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