• Uhh uhhh uhhhhh

    They are like soo yesterday I mean remember when it was totes fab!!! But now it's so out date and I found out it killed my rebel boyfriend who I found was not dead yesterday and he wanted to get away from me 😢 But anyway cigarettes can kill you and I feel like people like me shouldn't die.

  • They are for addicts

    1. Cigarettes have foam that taste not so good. 2. They do not have much nicotine. 3. They do not last long. 4. They are not completely made of tobacco. 5. Ban electronic cigarettes too. 6. They do not even taste. 7. The people who smoke cigarettes kindof smoke paper too. I do not mean ban cigars or chewing tobacco because they actually taste great and are full tobacco, they are less addictive because nicotine is not the main point of the products.

  • Cigarettes should be banned

    Tobacco products are responsible for thousands of deaths each year in the United States alone. They should be prohibited for everyone, not just persons under the age of 18. The tobacco industry has such influence on Congress that has kept the logic of a poisonous product being legal from having the common sense effect that it should.

  • Cigarette smoking should be banned

    Yes, i think it shoud be banned in many places because this world has a lot of children and if they are around smoke from the cigarette they are going to get courious and want to try it...And also it can lead to asthma, if a women is pregnant and she smokes while the infant is in her belly it can cause some birth defects or maybe even a still birth. My dad smokes and i know it is relaxing and just makes you feel so chill but if you have kids then you wouldnt want them to get sick from second hsnd smoke, if you dont know what second hand smoke is, it is when a person is smelling then smoke from the cigarette but isnt smoking the actual cigatette

  • Is this a joke?

    I don't even need to entertain the "yes" crowd with some drawn out explaination on why this whole argument is completely retarded, but here it goes. These are the same clowns crying about how we, "gotta legalize pot maaan". But prohibition works right? It worked so well in the 20s that the Italian mob bootlegging booze became millionares practically overnight lol. Point is we all know cigarettes are bad , as well as we know the tobacco industry is in bed with congress. Bottom line, its a freedom of choice. Thats like saying because u personally have a problem with smoking that no one should be allowed to right? Well I have a problem with gays (I dont) should I not have to see their presence. NO because its their CHOICE.

  • Cigarettes Should Not Be Banned

    No, cigarettes should not be banned as an adult should have the right to decide what substances to put insider his or her body. An adult of sound mind should always be able to decide what is or is not good for him or her and a governmental body does not have the right to take that away.

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